CHANEL unveils 31 LE ROUGE, an object of beauty that embodies the alpha and omega of CHANEL Creation, in keeping with the ethos of its founder. The result of innovative excellence, it offers the elegance of a jewel, the technical features of a no-compromise design, the performance of a formula that was developed to satisfy every desire, and the precision of a unique color palette inspired by CHANEL history. 

The transparency of its case paradoxically contrasts with its extremely robust, visually striking design, which reflects its strength and hints at timelessness. Its name, the ultimate indicator of its singularity, was inspired by an address and is the emblem of an extraordinary creativity that resolutely transcends fleeting trends.

31 LE ROUGE fulfills every desire in the present and anticipates those to come, drawing on the House’s rich heritage to propel beauty toward an even brighter future. Each facet of 31 LE ROUGE defies convention and lays new foundations. Inside and out, it represents the beginning of a new story for beauty and design. The story of tomorrow.

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