In keeping with its support for cinematic creation, CHANEL is the exclusive partner of Maïwenn’s new film, Jeanne du Barry, which it is also accompanying with the design and creation of six costumes, hats by Maison Michel, the lending of CHANEL High Jewelry and pieces from Goossens, as well as the involvement of CHANEL Parfums-Beauté for the main actors’ make-up.

The director has chosen to dedicate her sixth feature film to the final mistress of King Louis XV, whom she herself embodies alongside Johnny Depp (as King of France). All too often reduced to the status of smouldering courtesan, Jeanne du Barry was in fact a great patron of the arts, fashion and culture. Born on an August 19th, like Gabrielle Chanel, she also shared the couturière’s desire to support and protect the artists and artisans of her time. In order to reflect the incredible modernity of this liberated woman through her wardrobe, Maïwenn did extensive research, taking particular interest in several CHANEL Haute Couture collections designed by Karl Lagerfeld – for whom the Age of Enlightenment was an inexhaustible source of inspiration: “When preparation for the film began, I had so much documentation, including CHANEL pieces from collections of the 1980s and 90s, inspired by the 18th century,” she explains. “That’s why I wanted to collaborate with Virginie Viard on this project.”

With the help of Virginie Viard and the costume designer Jürgen Doering, “we revised certain pieces, so they suited the film,” continues Maïwenn. “I wanted Jeanne’s dresses to not be too frilly and embellished, with cotton voiles. Quite clear but very simple things, and in very beautiful materials.” Among the six costumes specially created by CHANEL: a spectacular ecru tweed dress, highlighted with braid and worn with a matching short jacket inspired by the Fall-Winter 1992/93 Haute Couture collection; a creamy-white dress with a train, a collar and cuffs embroidered with feathers, as well as a raspberry silk velvet dress inspired by designs from the Spring-Summer 2000 Haute Couture collection; a dress with diaphanous flounces in sky-blue organza, inspired by a 1995 collection; a two- tone underdress in ecru and black sisal, and a big dress in cream leather satin.

For the character of Jeanne du Barry, the director decided to wear the most emblematic re-edition of the “Bijoux de Diamants” collection created in 1932 by Mademoiselle Chanel, which caused a scandal at the time of its launch. The actress wears the re-edited version of the CHANEL High Jewelry Franges necklace in the scene where she is presented to King Louis XV. This scene inspired the poster of the film.

We tried to find a just and contemporary way of doing things by working with the energy that animates us in 2023,” adds Jürgen DoeringI don’t like it when things get too stuck on references, paintings or history books. I want to escape these closed worlds and try to transcribe the era with a breath of fresh air. The collaboration with CHANEL made it possible to add great accuracy to the character’s costumes, with a very nuanced and subtle approach, and without playing with discrepancy for discrepancy’s sake.

This cinematic adventure was made possible thanks to the expertise of the Maisons d’art: the Paloma atelier, a specialist in flou, the feather worker Lemarié, the hatter and milliner Maison Michel (for the tricorns and straw hats), as well as the goldsmith Goossens.

Jeanne du Barry will be presented out of competition as the opening film of the 76th Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday 16th May 2023, the day of its general release in cinemas.