On April 10th, CFCL will launch the brandʼs first eyewear line, “CFCL EYEWEAR”, in collaboration with the Japanese eyewear brand 999.9 (FourNines), known for its pursuit of the highest purity of quality. The collection is manufactured in Sabae, the largest eyewear production area in Japan and will feature the sunglasses presented last September during Paris Fashion Weel, in the Spring/Summer 2024 VOL.7 collection.

The CFCL EYEWEAR frames are drawn with a sleek, smooth line that aligns with elements of CFCL knitwear, knitted from a single thread. Minimalist and refined, these practical products also enhance the wearer’s character. Backed by 999.9’s advanced manufacturing technology, these eyewear pieces are designed for a contemporary life.

The first collection of sunglasses will consist of a total of 4 styles: the “HEXAGON” and “ROUND” models, each with two sizes available in three different colors, including mirrored lenses. Additionally, 999.9 will offer opticals for the 45-46 mm models. An official short film will be released alongside the launch, focusing on the production background at the factory in Sabae will be released on the official website.

To achieve a stylish silhouette, the nose pads are removed and the steps on the saddle bridge are reduced to the minimum extent possible, which has resulted in a reduction in the number of parts used. By eliminating the gap between 999.9’s iconic feature “Gyaku-Rhinge”, which absorbs and disperses the load applied to the frame to create a comfortable fit, and the temples, an image of a supple and straight line is created. The single line continues to the flowing curves of the temple ends, and the CFCL signature colors and logo are applied to the tips of the line to add an eye-catching point.

The frame is made out of titanium, which has high strength and flexibility. The β-titanium used for the temples has the property of returning to its original shape even when the frame is bent, making it resistant to deformation and lightweight compared to other metals, allowing for long-term wear. Titanium is also resistant to rust, making it durable against sweat during the summer and water, reducing the burden on the skin. Additionally, silicone resin is applied to the saddle bridge and the temple ends to provide a non-slip and stable wearing experience. The engraving of “Technology by 999.9” on the inside of the left temple backs up the technology.

The lenses, featuring a half-mirror coating suitable for wear in any season, have a low curve (2 curves) for a flat surface that brings a sharp and sophisticated look. Lenses that block 99% of ultraviolet rays (UV400) are used, and coatings that resist scratches and water repellency are implemented on both sides. Moreover, an anti-reflective coating is applied to the back surface to prevent glare and reflections from light entering from various directions, offering a comfortable field of vision.