Last weekend, Cercle held its flagship event to the iconic National Air and Space Museum of France on May 25th and 26th. Without any marketing budget, over 140,000 people from the four corners of the globe pre-registered to access the preview ticket sales. Cercle broke the rules by taking the risky decision to release tickets with no lineup announced. Due to the trust of their community, the event sold out in just thirty minutes, selling 24,000 tickets and every single one attended the festival over the weekend. This year, festival-goers of 73 different nationalities partied together with over 50% of participants coming from abroad.

photography Alberto Alcocer

Cercle promised an unforgettable musical experience and delivered; with 35 international artists performing on the A380, Ariane, and Concorde stages at the National Air and Space Museum. Festival-goers experienved exceptional live performances and B2Bs, including the Mochakk/Disclosure pairing. The festival’s three stages featured an almost perfect gender balance, where one third of Cercle’s Festival performers were feminine artists, way beyond the industry usual rates, which reflects Cercle’s commitment to the diversity in the electronic music industry. The line-up embraces different musical genres, offering an eclectic mix of musical styles throughout the weekend.

Numéro Netherlands’ Editor-in-Chief was in attendance and had a wonderful experience:

“On Friday, we had a truly unique experience with a special exclusive opening party called Circle Moment, which was headlined by Moschak on the first floor of Eiffel Tower. It was an exhilarating start of our extended weekend! The next day, we attended the Cercle Festival, located at the National Air and Space Museum of Paris. The setting was incredible, with airplanes, an Airbus, and even a spaceship as backdrops, and we danced outside all day to an amazing lineup. This festival was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced—unique, special, and filled with a fantastic vibe and crowd.

Timotej Letonja

Cercle stands out for its “musical gradation” programming, allowing the constant presence of big names at every hour of the event. While the A380 stage welcomed participants on Saturday with house or afro-house sounds, it gradually turned away from this to minimal-techno and hard-techno on Sunday, with Joris Delacroix, Boris Brejcha and Vitalic, among others. The Ariane stage took an opposite approach, opening on Saturday with a program ranging from organic to techno, before giving way on Sunday to afro-house, disco-house, indie-dance, and melodic rhythms. The Concorde stage, meanwhile, showcased emerging artists from the four corners of the globe, including a b2b between Notre Dame and Julya Karma. Check out the full lineup here!

If you’re looking to add a unique and unforgettable event to your 2025 calendar and beyond, Cercle’s next experience is soon to be revealed.

photography Geoffrey Hubbel