Created by Hedi Slimane, the celine haute maroquinerie collection transmits exceptional savoir-faire through a set of unique pieces in crocodile accented with 18-karat gold, each assembled to order by a single artisan. Much like celine couture and haute parfumerie, this offering reaffirms artisanal excellence while establishing a rapport with an object that is at once cultural, personal, and rare. At the heart of this exclusive range are two signature maison bags: the 16 and the triomphe. 

Crocodile leather 

Recognisable for its large oval scales, crocodylus niloticus (known as nile crocodile) is an exotic leather used in high-end artisanal maroquinerie. Skins from the haute maroquinerie collection have been sourced from a certified icfa* supplier and are treated by a tannery associated with the icfa that is certified iso 14001, which consists of standards based on environmental management compliance. According to centuries-old practices unique to each tanner, different sections of leather are traditionally polished with an agate stone as a glazing process that preserves the skin’s incomparable shine and depth of colour. Additionally, this smoothing effect maintains the natural relief of the scales. This leather, both rare and rooted in tradition, requires specific, artisanal handwork. Each leather artisan is responsible for a bag’s entire assembly: the selection of skin, the cutting, and the precise handling of exotic leathers that are equally delicate and stiff. 

The 16 and the triomphe 

The haute maroquinerie collection comprises an exclusive range of leather goods. Each bag is created as a single piece. Lather cutting only occurs once an order has been placed. Along with its significance as the first creation by hedi slimane for celine, the16 – a reference to the address of the maison’s couture atelier at 16 rue vivienne in paris – is inspired by a classic structured frame and smaller top flap characteristic of a 1960s style. For the haute maroquinerie collection, the 16 is reinterpreted in niloticus crocodile with handles saddle-stitched by hand. The underside of the flap is in crocodile with lining in glossy goat leather that features the celine haute maroquinerie signature. A 16 is embossed along the rise of the inner pocket. Inside is a mirror bordered in crocodile. The 16 requires 17 hours of workmanship. The triomphe is also among the first of hedi slimane’s creations for celine and stands out for its pure, contemporary aesthetic and a closure adapted from the archives that reimagines the heraldic motif of the chain encircling the place de l’étoile in paris. For the haute maroquinerie collection, the triomphe is assembled in niloticus crocodile and lined with glossy goat leather. It is labelled with the celine haute maroquinerie signature and contains a mirror bordered in crocodile. The triomphe requires 12 hours of workmanship. 

La bijouterie 

The haute maroquinerie collection is accented with jewellery elements in 18-karat white or yellow gold. The closure of each model can be customised with diamonds, either in pavé or solitaire settings. The triomphe closure is proposed in 18-karat yellow or white gold with a solitaire on the concealed part of the clasp, or with a pavé of diamonds inset along the top. The closure of the 16 is proposed in 18-karat yellow or white gold. A diamond solitaire can be set within the plate hidden by the flap, or a pavé of diamonds can be set within the sides or bottom of the clasp. An all-gold lock can be customised with a solitaire underneath or with a pavé on the outward-facing side. Initials can be embossed into the goat skin lining. 

Haute maroquinerie storage objet 

Each model of the haute maroquinerie collection is housed in a lacquered eucalyptus wood coffer panelled with exquisite black leather used for bags. 

The palette 

Conceived by Hedi Slimane, the chromatic palette is composed of 14 rare colours that convey classic elegance and draw inspiration from the history of france, as well as works from french masters of art, architecture and the decorative arts.