For Fall Winter 2024, a new expression of Cecilie’s vision is presented with a focus on clashing materials: high gloss leather against soft barely-there organza, shiny nylon paired with matte knits. The silhouettes are shorter and poufier than ever before, each created with a sense of affection and passion. Chunky oversized cable knits are draped over soft dresses, creating a wintery feel, while transparent layers reference the sensuality of Victorian-inspired nightgowns, crafted from liquid-like fabric, hardly skimming the body. Oversized organza hoods, reminiscent of fairytale motifs, are worn with outerwear and knits. Cropped, fitted leather jackets, skirts and dresses are crafted from high gloss leather infusing a darker romance into the collection, while staying true to signature feminine silhouettes.

“I wanted to explore new directions this season, evolving the codes of the brand through meaning and care, with a relentless dedication to creativity and beauty. Embracing a darker side of romance and interpreting a wider range of emotions, while remaining true to an unapologetic connection to femininity and craft. Our collaborator, artist Casper Sejersen, suggested a concept for my show centered around an Apple, which immediately resonated. For me, an Apple represents desire. Love. Strength. Beauty. But there is also an ordinariness to it. I am drawn to this juxtaposition of high and low, the clash between luxury and everyday. I felt a connection with Casper’s work, to the edge in the beauty of his images, an undercurrent of darkness, something unexplainable. This idea of The Bite is like leaving innocence behind a little, which somehow also felt very relevant this season.”

– Cecilie Bahnsen, Founder and Creative Director

Cecilie continues her ongoing collaboration with British heritage brand Mackintosh, creating oversized and sculptural coats and jackets. Crafted from bonded cotton these styles offer a structural counterpoint to soft silk dresses. Coming together once again with ASICS, furthering this exciting partnership that pushes the boundaries of sneaker design. This season, the two brands present brown and black trainers covered in exaggerated glossy flowers.

Alongside the brands own floral boots, Cecilie has teamed up with Diemme to create a heavy, short boot hand-embroidered in Cecilie’s Copenhagen atelier, and with ECCO Leather, who produce some of the world’s best leather, continuing to explore new extensions of the brand’s universe.

“When Cecilie invited me into her universe I had to think about what I could do, how to make it meaningful. I have so much admiration for what she does, her craft. Everything she does is so completely her, no compromise. I wanted to do something to respect her vision, that pureness. We talked about the “apple.” For me, what I like about the apple is how simple it is, how ordinary, yet beautiful and powerful. In Europe the apple is the commonest fruit. It’s nothing fancy, it’s everywhere. Four-year-old kids draw apples in kindergarten, Paul Cézanne’s wonderful still lifes, Yoko Ono’s Apple installation… I like the everydayness of it. In my work, I like to shoot simple things because then the viewer can put their own stories onto the objects instead of having something described too clearly. There is a beauty in simplicity.”

– Casper Sejersen, Special Artist Collaboration

Titled “The Bite,” the runway collection is presented at Palais de Tokyo. Working together with MOON and Special Collaboration Artist, Casper Sejersen, the show centers around a large-scale installation of an Apple created by 10 Tons. Collaborating alongside casting director Emma Matell, models reflect the mood of this season’s collection, with their distinct personalities brought to the forefront. Models walk the runway accompanied by the sounds of Danish music composer, August Rosenbaum, to an experimental soundtrack that reworks Robyn’s song “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do,” echoing the limitless possibilities of Cecilie Bahnsen’s creative vision.