40th anniversary 5000-line timepieces deliver high strength and reduced weight

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of new additions to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches, designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The new GCW-B5000UN, available in two models, joins the 5000 line, inheriting the iconic form of the very first G-SHOCK and employing carbon materials to achieve both high strength and reduced weight.

With the 1983 launch of the DW-5000C — the first-ever G-SHOCK — the brand established an entirely new product category: the “tough watch.” Out of a never-ending passion to deliver toughness, in recent years more G-SHOCK watches have employed carbon materials, which deliver strength seven times that of stainless steel, as well as light weight. Today, G-SHOCK watches are made with resin, metal, or carbon, with more than one of these materials sometimes combined in a single model.

The new GCW-B5000UN joins the 5000 line of watches that inherit the iconic shape of the first G-SHOCK. Now, however, it achieves the shock-resistant form with components made using carbon materials created in different production processes.

The timepiece employs different types of carbon materials for the case, bezel, band, and clasp to accommodate the watch’s complex structure, achieving a light weight, at just approximately 65g, 61% lighter than its full-metal predecessor, the GMW-B5000D made with stainless steel, which weighed around 167g. 

Forged carbon, which enables molding with a high degree of flexibility, is used for the bezel and band, while multilayer carbon is employed for the clasp’s folding arm due to its high bending strength. Also, the monocoque case and integrated case back are made with carbon fiber-reinforced resin.

The design combines the G-SHOCK never-ending commitment to innovation with imagery inspired by the unfathomable, infinite expanse of outer space with a motif inspired by the Big Bang and galactic planets. The two-model lineup offers a choice between purple, featuring mixed-color molding with opal specks, and basic black. Features including a G-SHOCK 40th anniversary logo designed by graphic artist Eric Haze engraved on the underside add extra-special touches.