Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has announced today the launch of new additions to its lineup of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches, designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The seven CLEAR REMIX models utilize transparent materials for designs that provide a glimpse of the internal components of the watches.

The G-SHOCK project began with the idea of “creating a tough watch that would not break even if dropped from a 10-meter height,” a concept that overturned conventional wisdom at the time. Through a process of repeated tests, the construction and materials were redesigned time and again. This tireless effort in the face of challenges resulted in the introduction of the G-SHOCK in 1983. Since then, Casio has released a range of different G-SHOCK watches that continue this evolution in function and design. Today, the G-SHOCK brand is beloved worldwide, with over 140 million units sold to date.

The shock-resistant CLEAR REMIX watches, commemorating the 40th anniversary, embody the G-SHOCK Spirit of Challenge in designs that provide a view of the internal components, including the module and circuit board. Seven popular G-SHOCK models, including the very first G-SHOCK with its iconic design, have been carefully selected and redesigned with transparent materials used for the case, band, LCD, buttons, and other elements.

DW-5040RX*/DWE-5640RX* Based on the shape of the original G-SHOCK, these models feature a transparent LCD, revealing the G-logo-adorned circuit board. The DWE-5640RX adds a band in a contrasting mix of resin and metal materials.

DW-6940RX* The original DW-6900 with its three indicators, now with a transparent LCD, dial, and middle case, subtly reveals the G-logo pattern on the underlying circuit board. *At certain viewing angles, the interior of the dial may be difficult to see.

GA-114RX/GMA-S114RX These digital-analog combination watches, based on the GA-110 and GMA-S110, feature a transparent middle case and transparent resin side buttons for a cohesive color scheme.

GA-2140RX/GMA-S2140RX These models add a transparent dial to the GA-2100 and GMA-S2100, which have an octagonal bezel. The index markers and dial ring are also transparent, providing a clear view of the module beneath the dial.

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