Casio adds a new member to the family of G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches. The new GM-B2100GD-9A features an all-metal design with the iconic octagonal shape and is released in a beautiful new golden yellow hue.

Casio launched the first watch in the 2100 line in 2019, the GA-2100 digital-analog combination model. With this, Casio presented a contemporary interpretation of the very first G-SHOCK, which was known for its distinctive octagonal shape and its sleek, simple design. This product range quickly became popular worldwide. Casio has therefore continued to develop this line, such as with the GM-B2100, which was released in August 2022. The outer components of this watch are made of stainless steel, such as the bezel, strap and screw case, for extra resistance.

The new GM-B2100GD-9A is a shock resistant watch with a shimmering golden yellow hue. This color is a new color option for these GM-B2100 models. The color has been applied not only to the bezel and strap, but also to other small aspects of the design such as the side buttons and screws. Separate applications of a hairline finish on the top surface of the ring and a mirror finish on the gently sloping sides enhance the texture of the beautifully lustrous metal.

To accentuate other components such as the index markers and hands, Casio has added accents in a similar shade to the yellow gold. Because they stand out against the black dial, the watch makes a chic impression. While the design is versatile enough to pair with both casual and formal outfits, the watch exudes a subtle, distinctive character due to its color.

Thanks to the Tough Solar charging system, the new watch is also very practical, because the battery does not have to be replaced regularly. It is also equipped with the Mobile Link function*, for accurate time display and easy setting of alarms, world time and other functions when the smartphone is paired via BlueTooth ®.