Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the latest addition to the EDIFICE line of watches based on the brand concept of “Speed & Intelligence.” The new ECB-40MU is a collaboration between EDIFICE and MUGEN (also known as M-TEC Company, Ltd.), the factory brand of Honda. Available from August 1st for €299 in the Casio webshop and selected dealers.

MUGEN has been involved not only in the production and sale of parts for Honda automobiles but also in a variety of motorsport-related activities, including participation in F1 TM, the Isle of Man TT,*1 and top-level races in Japan as a professional racing team. Casio has been working with MUGEN since the Motorcycle Endurance Race in 1985 to support the company’s activities. *1 The Isle of Man TT is a motorcycle race held on public roads on the Isle of Man, a part of the British Crown, since 1907.

The new ECB-40MU is the first collaboration between MUGEN, celebrating its 50th anniversary, and EDIFICE, a line of Casio watches that embodies the world of motorsport. The MUGEN brand colors, white, red, gold, and black, are featured on the dial, strap, and stitching on the strap, set against an overall black design. Along with the MUGEN brand logo, the Eye Commander logo symbolizing the spirit of MUGEN is embossed on the strap. The engraving on the bezel showcases the font used on shift buttons made by MUGEN. These special details give this watch the unique look that only a limited edition model can provide.

In addition to the carbon fiber-reinforced resin case and the four-gear inspired design inspired by the suspension used in Formula race cars, the band is made of Alcantara, a material used in sports car interiors for its excellent durability and breathability. The ECB-40MU is equipped with Mobile Link features for linking to a smartphone via Bluetooth®, providing automatic time correction and making it easy to set functions such as world time. The watch also comes with other practical functions, including a Schedule Timer that synchronizes with a smartphone’s calendar app to display the start and end times of a scheduled activity on the watch’s LCD screen.