Casablanca’s Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection goes against the spirit of time. As all of us are looking forward, to what the future holds, Casablanca turns around and takes a look at Ancient Greece. 

Bjork’s song “Venus as a Boy” was a big reference to this collection with the same name. The song, such as the collection are remaining Venus – “Venus as a Boy”. 
Whilst becoming a significant metaphor for the essence of this collection, it also holds a strong relationship to Charaf Tajer, founder and creative director of Casablanca.
The unique arrangement of classical strings with and almost Arabic influence, combined with a drum pattern of a distinguished nineties rhythm, and the lyrics, resonate deeply with Tajer.
His friends and colleagues have often discussed how Bjork’s lyrics in the song reflect Tajer’s outlook on life, pure curiosity and desire for beauty; “He believes in a beauty, He’s Venus as a boy.” In playing with the ideas of time, re-contextualization, and weaving together history and the contemporary, Casablanca presents its Autumn/Winter 2024 collection. 

Casablanca draws it’s primary inspiration from the mysterious and transformative Eleusinian mysteries for their upcoming collection, aiming to seamlessly fuse classical beauty with contemporary allure. Eleusis was an ancient Greek city located in Attica, a short trip away from Athens. It was there that a religious festival was held, and the Eleusinian Mysteries, a secretive rite, drew some of the most notable figures of that time – Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Sophocles, and Euripides are just some of the figures that are believed to have attended this rite. Inspired by the ancient Greek pilgrimage and the revelatory rituals at Eleusis, where elites delved into mind-expanding experiences facilitated by psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms, Casablanca sought to weave together a collection that reflected a shared philosophy – the brands influence and continuous affirmation of the expansive nature of psychedelics and that a collection can communicate an idea. Tajer, and Steve Grimes, art director, have always been fascinated with ancient Greece, invoking and nodding to the unified vision that spread across art, architecture, philosophy and the general make-up of society, mirroring it in Casablanca’s wish for the idea of beauty to penetrate every facet of Casablanca’s identity. This passion was to become fully realised in a collection dedicated to ancient Greece. 

This collection transcends the mere replication of antiquity, presenting a refined narrative that underscores the enduring relevance and advanced nature of ancient Greece. Through the interplay of philosophy, architecture, and sports, coupled with Casablanca’s distinctive idealistic and psychedelic identity, the collection becomes a captivating mosaic, illustrating the timeless connection between the past and present. In essence, what may be perceived as ancient reveals itself as a fount of wisdom and sophistication, creating a visual and conceptual bridge that illuminates the continuous thread of ideas and societal evolution.

Casablanca is eager to showcase two collaborations that are introduced in this collection. One, proudly with renowned artist Jeff Hamilton, a designer whose embroidered leather jackets are a staple of sports and fashion pop culture iconography. For Casablanca they have joined together to produce two jackets, one employing hotfix embroidery and a fusion with crystals, and the other a reimagination of his iconic patchwork leather jackets, both decorated with seasonal artworks, a characteristic of the dynamism they have pushed to explore this collection. Two, the collaboration with the iconic sandal brand, Ancient Greek Sandals. Renowned for its local craftsmanship and innovative approach to design, together they have re-imagined some of their most loved silhouettes, integrating embroidered laurels and shearing details across a number of styles.

The men’s line offers tailored suits and blazers with ancient Greek-inspired draping, including a black satin wrap-tailored tuxedo and an embroidered evening suit. Women’s wear includes wrap and double-breasted suits featuring new logo buttons and one-sleeve dresses crafted from cutting-edge fabrics like crepe jersey. The collection incorporates various textures, from structured materials to stretchy fabrics, with highlights including packable coats and varsity jackets for men, and blanket coats and wrap-skirts for women, which are just some of the spotlights of the new collection that embraced ancient Greece as a ground for reimagination.