Mathilde Laurent, in-house perfumer, presents her own interpretation of vanilla, between nature and technology, without preconceptions, and far from stereotypes. It all started with the creation of the perfume l’Heure Perdue in 2018, an exquisitely sweet fragrance inspired by childhood. It was based on vanillin, an aldehyde with a sensual aroma, reintroducing the synthetic molecules that have played a major role in perfumery since the beginning of the 19th century.

In 2022, she plays with a new aspect of vanilla with Oud Vanillé from the Les Heures Voyageuses Collection. It presents a combination of two key ingredients, two accords that echo one another, united by their many facets: oud, with its woody, animal notes and evocative power, and vanillin, with its powdery, sweet olfaction and highly addictive notes.