Trinity is the detail that changes everything. A question of design which comes down to the essentials: 3 rings and 3 different types of gold. Extremely discreet but instantly recognisable, they are the Maison’s signature accessories of the moment: a collection of bags celebrating the 100th anniversary of the iconic Trinity line.

The Trinity bag collection multiplies elegance by three, its favourite number. Three, a number that resonates with Cartier’s history, that of the three founding brothers, Louis, Jacques and Pierre and just like the three historic Cartier boutiques, Paris, London and New York. Three: the perfect number, the magic number!

Three, for the three gussets that breath a suppleness into these lightly grained bags. Three, for the three rings with a yellow gold, rose gold and white gold finish, which contrast with the black and each play their own role: as a handle tie or shoulder strap loop.

Whether wide, rounded, mobile or fixed, the three rings are the perfect way to add sophistication to the understated yet luxurious form of the three city bags: a handbag, a small rectangular bag, worn either over the shoulder or across the body, and a mini shoulder bag.

The collection is completed by a range of small leather goods, including a credit card holder and round pouch that resembles a zipped case and can be worn either as a pendant or over the shoulder.

Available in black, ruby red, rose quartz and jade green depending on the model, all the bags in the Trinity collection are paired with a contrasting colour: burgundy for the black bag and black for the pink, green and red ones.