With their boundless quest for beauty and unlimited open-mindedness, the artisans and designers of Cartier approach creation with a perpetual momentum. What guides them? Their expertise and curiosity allow them to journey into the heart of Cartier style as if for the very first time, and to approach the fundamentals of the Maison from a new angle. Cartier has always had a passion for the world and its cultures. This taste for curiosity is the legacy of a long lineage that is more contemporary than ever.

In the sea, Cartier saw an extension of the sky, and in the turquoise, all possible horizons. The designer has placed them at the centre of this creation, two turquoise cabochons, one azure blue, the other streaked with brown veins. They form the soul of this necklace, which is completed by a set of ribbed coral beads, turquoise beads and emeralds. A dialogue of rare and precious materials, mineral and organic, evoking the mysteries of the sea. From the waves to the abyssal depths, there are many allusions that lend this creation a singular sense of imagination. With a single stroke, the diamond meanders, linking the motifs, underlining the curves and counter-curves of the precious interlacing.

For this new appearance of the panther, which has been part of the Cartier menagerie since 1914, the Design Studio has created a lush, acid-coloured décor. The animal, precise down to the smallest detail—eyes, ears, nose and paws watches over a 26.52-carat cabochon peridot surmounted by four octagonal peridots. All around is a blossoming of ribbed coral beads studded with peridot, diamonds and onyx, with graphic touches reminiscent of feline fur. For this creation, designers and artisans have transposed the green-red- black chromatic trio that has been beloved by the Maison for over a century into a version that reveals a rich palette of volumes and textures.

What if a 5.12-carat hexagonal diamond were the inspiration for a ‘sea urchin’ ring, an abstract design freely interpreted from the echinoid? The entire structure of the ring is designed around the edges of the gem to form a sphere bristling with rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, enhanced by white gold studs. A dazzling volume for a jewel whose textured, vibrant material is suffused with light, emerging from the depths of the sea to dazzle us.

Broken lines, alternating diamonds, sapphires and openwork comprise the dazzling design of the Spina necklace. The centre is an alignment of two 4.56-carat cushion-cut diamonds and a 29.16-carat Ceylon sapphire, whose sparkle spreads in waves. The jewellery creation undulates over the skin with the suppleness of fabric. When pivoted on itself, its curvature is reversed, and it transforms from a necklace into a tiara. This head ornament, mounted on a special frame, is placed as closely as possible to the forehead. Its remarkable comfort when worn is the result of Cartier’s rigorous standards and a true signature of the Maison.

This necklace features three octagonal Colombian emeralds totalling 5.62 carats. Their intense green hue is brought to life by a monochrome diamond composition bursting with light. The design unfurls from these three gems in a series of intertwining, fluid and graphic lines. A perfect balance between fullness and open space, the openwork further accentuates the illusion of movement. Small touches of tapered diamonds add tension and structure to the piece.

Through the Coloured Gemstones Working Group and the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)—whose Code of Practices has been extended to rubies, sapphires and emeralds— the Maison encourages the development of best practices throughout the industry. In addition to applying rigorously controlled internal standards of excellence and quality, the Maison requires its suppliers to adhere to the same responsible practices and encourages and supports their RJC certification. Driven by the common belief that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the dream of being a responsible industry can only be reached through collaborative initiatives, Cartier, supported by Richemont and Kering, have teamed up to expand and consolidate their efforts by launching the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, which aims to develop a sustainable, climate-resilient industry that conserves resources and promotes inclusion.