Cartier’s international prestige is based on its heritage that combines boldness, creativity, innovation, expertise and the preservation of savoir-faire. Since its founding in 1847, Cartier has strived to perpetuate savoir-faire and continue developing new skills in line with traditions of excellence.

The Maison established the Cartier jewellery institute in 2002
In 2016, the institute moved into an 18th-century mansion in Paris’ 9th arrondissement, in the heart of Paris’ historic jewellery district while preserving the Maison’s values, this pioneering initiative confirmed Cartier’s conviction to provide specific answers to the challenges and evolutions defining the jewellery industry.

The Cartier jewellery institute celebrates its 20th anniversary
This year, the Cartier jewellery institute celebrates its 20th anniversary and its commitment to savoir-faire is stronger than ever. The main aim of the institute is the professional development of Cartier’s artisans through ongoing training. Between 150 and 200 workers are trained every year at the institute. It offers training in traditional jewellery-related trades and facilitates other rare crafts that currently have no teaching programme, such as mother-of-pearl threading and wax carving. Moreover, as part of collaborations between crafts, the institute offers cross-training to enable craftsmen to supplement their initial training by exploring another craft. For example, a jeweller can take a stone setting training course to improve their skills and better understand the constraints associated with each step of the manufacturing process.

The Cartier jewellery institute is also committed to promoting jewellery culture within the Maison and the Richemont Group, through hands-on training at the workbench. These experiences are also presented to journalists, friends of the Maison and high jewellery customers. Nearly 300 people are hosted each year at this unique venue.

The Cartier jewellery institute: a stakeholder and partner of jewellery schools and institutions.
Cartier feels obliged to promote the crafts that contribute to the creation of exceptional pieces. The sector, traditionally discreet, nevertheless represents French style and offers significant employment potential. The institute strives to spread this message, through long-term collaborations with the sector’s leading names.

The Maison maintains strong links with the best schools in France. For example, the institute has had a special relationship with the Haute École de Joaillerie for more than 150 years. This partnership includes hosting trainees, training students under apprenticeship contracts, being involved in the school’s strategy and the development of the profession. About 20 apprentices are currently assigned to the four main jewellery professions (jeweller, stone setter, grinder and gem grinder). There are also around 30 apprentices from the network of partner schools, including the École Boulle, Edgard Faure high school in Morteau and the Saumur jewellery institute. The institute hopes to increase this number significantly in the coming years.

To prepare our crafts for the future, Cartier has launched a digital jewellery bachelor with the Haute École de Joaillerie, the first certified course. From craftsmanship, to visions of beauty and the exceptional, Cartier shares all dimensions of jewellery culture. In this context, the Cartier institute of jewellery offers permanent and customised training for employees, while preserving savoir-faire and crafts.