Chef Jeroen Bruinsma takes guests into his sustainable kitchen.

Every season has its own products. Therefore, expect new dishes on the menu at Carstens on a regular basis. Globally inspired, but locally sourced with the best Dutch ingredients. Carstens’ menu displays an honest representation of time and place, so there is always a reason to come back. Of the ingredients now out of season, the pantries have never been so full with new preserves, pickles & spices. Be inspired by the signature dishes that everyone must have tasted!

Pumpkin with fermigrette and pepita

The pumpkin is prepared in different ways in this appetizer, the same preparation techniques used for meat and fish are used to give it a similar flavor experience. The dish is finished with a Fermigrette (Sebastian’s twist on a vinagrette, made from fermit juice from the pumpkin).

Confit de Canard

A typical brasserie dish with lots of technique. A tasty piece of duck with sauerkraut and a potato terrine. All the pieces of the duck are used in this dish, so nothing is wasted. The piece of meat is cooked in duck fat until it falls apart completely. Even the skin of the duck is used by frying up crispy and a duck gravy is made from the trimmings.


A French puff filled with crème praline, classic pastry cream and farmhouse butter. This dessert is named after a cycling race from Paris to Brest, which is where it was first made. Hence, the batter is piped in the shape of a wheel and the relief you see in a wheel is also visible in this delicious dessert.

The perfect menu

The above dishes are just a glimpse of all the deliciousness that is on the menu. The brain behind the new menu, chef Jeroen Bruinsma, has been trained by the best star chefs and restaurants our country has to offer – from Robert Kranenborg at Vossius to Vermeer and La Sirene. His enthusiasm, great love for surprising cookbooks – from rare & vintage to the latest hot spots -, and passion for the pure craftsmanship of cooking and sustainability form the basis of Bruinsma’s casual cuisine.

Carstens Brasserie, Hasselaerssteeg 1, 1012 LG Amsterdam