CARRER, the brand of Marc Forné and Manu Ríos partners with Tomorrow to present the SS25 collection during Milan Menswear Fashion Week.

Manu Ríos and Marc Forné, two well-known names in the fashion and entertainment industry, launched CARRER in October 2023, the ready-to-wear urban fashion brand that aims to reinvent workwear classics with versatile and durable pieces. Inspired by their own wardrobes and influenced by the essence of their favorite cities, the brand brings a fresh and unique vision to the world of fashion. Combining elements of vintage basic clothing with streetwear style, including jackets, cargo pants, overshirts, sweatshirts, and classic style high-quality t-shirts, all available for purchase on their e-commerce platform.

“CARRER embodies our passion for timeless and genderless urban fashion, born out of our need for comfortable garments designed for our everyday lives. Our goal is to create a brand with redesigned basics that define our ‘Off Duty’ style and reflect the essence of our daily inspiration, drawn from the diversity of environments and a lifestyle that celebrates exploration and comfort in daily activities,” say the founders and creative directors of the brand, Manu Ríos and Marc Forné.

CARRER means “street” and is created to blend urban diversity with a classier style. CARRER is not just fashion; it reflects streets, neighborhoods, and cities in its clothing, representing a lifestyle that embraces exploration, constant movement, and the pursuit of comfort in everyday activities.

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection brings new summery and lighter styles, as well as a broader color palette – while keeping it always timeless. It also features the first print set with a unique pixel camo designed in-house. Camouflage is a favorite heritage print for the creators, and to bring the essence of the streets concept to it, the CARRER pixel camo is created by pixelating the silhouettes of more than 50 cities around the world and superposing them in different sizes and colors.