As a tribute to the exceptional beauty of the Insofu Emerald, Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, and Chopard’s Global Ambassador, Julia Roberts, collaborated to unveil a new captivating parure.

The Insofu Emerald, which is 6,255-carats, was first discovered a few years ago in the Zambian Kagem mine, marking a pivotal moment in jewelleery history. Unprecedentedly, Chopard decided to acquire this gem in its rough form, unpolished and uncut, persuaded by the enchanting shades of green and texture. Caroline Scheufele asked the most expert emerald cutters from India to study the stone in order to reveal its unique character. The cutting process took place both in
Chopard’s Geneva workshops and in Jaipur, the cradle of Indian jewellery traditions.

An exceptional creative collaboration
Knowing that this gem required an extraordinary design process to fully express the beauty of the gem, Scheufele, decided to make the project a collaboration with a creative mind who has a deep appreciation for jewellery, the one and only, Julia Roberts.

As Chopard’s Global Ambassador, Julia Roberts has often worn the beautiful designs imagined by Caroline Scheufele and masterfully crafted by her Haute Joaillerie workshops, thus developing an understanding of how jewels interact with the body and what makes a woman feel comfortable when she is the centre of attention. Due to this extensive history of working together, Julia Roberts and Caroline Scheufele have developed a relationship based on mutual respect and trust, allowing free-flowing conversations and collaborations.

By blending avant-garde execution with heirloom aesthetics, they conceived a Haute Joaillerie capsule collection, consisting a ring, a necklace, and a pair of earrings from a selection of the Insofu cut emeralds. The ‘Chopard x Julia Roberts’ collection was expertly crafted mixing an array of vivid contrasting hues – evoking the rich cultural heritage of Indian jewellery – with the resolutely fresh and modern lines of contemporary goldsmithing techniques. A brave juxtaposing of the crystalline green of the emeralds, matt sky-blue turquoise – a gemstone particularly cherished by Julia Roberts, who has worn it throughout her life – and juicy cherry-red rubellites creates a mesmerising masterpiece.

“Caroline immediately caught my attention when she told me the story of her exceptional Insofu Emerald. It was such an exciting challenge when she later proposed we work on a bespoke design, and together, we’ve had a lot of fun bringing this set into reality, creating jewellery that’s beautiful, sustainable, and mixes the timeless allure of emerald with stunning colors and a stone I cherish, the turquoise” says Julia Roberts, adding that the pieces also work well individually and styled in a casual way on a pair of jeans.

“Collaborating with Julia on this capsule collection has been an incredible journey,” says Caroline Scheufele. “From the moment we discovered the Insofu Emerald, we knew it was a gem that could inspire greatness. This parure is a testament to that inspiration, a fusion of our shared passion for beauty, elegance, and responsible luxury.”

Traceability, a responsible vision
Each piece in this set is masterfully crafted in Fairmined-certified ethical rose gold, which is a reflection of Chopard’s decade-long journey to sustainable luxury, which is also particularly dear to Julia Roberts.

The Insofu Emerald itself represents an innovative step in this commitment. By purchasing a raw stone, Chopard is able to follow its entire journey through to final creation. From gem-cutting to jewellery design, the workshops ensure a complete chain of traceability which is rare for stones of such quality. This quest for transparency – aimed at ensuring conscious and controlled sourcing from suppliers demonstrating responsible practices at a social, environmental and economic level – embodies the enduring nobility of a Journey driven by heart-felt conviction and elegance.

The gemstone – named after the Bemba word for “elephant” – is the creative focus of attention due to its impressive size and shape similar to the animal’s trunk. The discovery and transformation of these gems reinforces Chopard’s dedication to put the Earth’s most beautiful treasures in the spotlight and celebrating them, and now it is intertwined with Julia Roberts’ personal artistic vision.