It’s time to step into an enchanted new world — a Dazzling Garden, in fact — where the colors are bolder, the evening sky is sparkling, and the air carries a sweet fragrance like none other. Introducing the latest collector’s edition bottle of Good Girl, that famous fragrance in the high heel bottle: Dazzling Garden is our first stiletto to be accessorized with a special glistening gold flower — just in time for the fresh spring blooms in May — and the metallic deep purple of the limited edition bottle shimmers like the constellations at night. Plus, the original Good Girl Karlie Kloss is back as the hero for Dazzling Garden’s exciting new campaign. This is the Garden that dreams are made of. 

The first Good Girl — encased in the iconic midnight blue heel with the gleaming gold stiletto — launched in 2016 to immediate acclaim. A sweet but sensual scent, Good Girl blends the aromas of jasmine, cocoa, tonka bean, almond, and coffee to create a feminine yet mysterious bouquet. 

“We chose all these very different ingredients because we wanted something that represented every different side of a woman — the light, the dark, the masculine, the feminine, the sweet, the naughty. If we as women are so multifaceted, don’t we deserve a fragrance that’s just as rich? That’s Good Girl.” 

Carolina A. Herrera, Beauty Creative Director