In the age of loudness, gentleness is powerful. Far from the excessive tones that grab needless attentions, CANALI follows a gentle approach that suggests a whispered presence.

Gentleness for CANALI is an all-encompassing mindset. The clothes are gentle. Purveying the finest Made in Italy garments, in the softest constructions, is gentle. The shortest supply chain is gentle, too: on the people and the planet we inhabit.

Such gentility is expressed first and foremost through the hands that make. Artisanality is a CANALI pillar, and this is why the new collection is entitled MEDITERRANEAN CRAFT. While being based and producing entirely in Italy promoting the virtues of Italian craft, CANALI openly and happily welcomes the beauty craft produces across other cultures, marking objects and accessories meant to be part of the daily life of men of all ages and walks of life. Masculinity, today, is plural. The collection is gentle in its adaptability. It is made to be interpreted as anyone wishes.

At CANALI, tailoring is key. It’s tailoring that softly follows the lines of the body, drawing a natural, fluid silhouette, either with hollowed shoulders or a slightly more marked shoulderline, and fuller trousers. The finest expression of the CANALI tailoring is to be found in the DOUBLE part of the collection, a series of handmade items constructed with an extremely complex technique which results in unlined, seamless garments with invisible stitching: feats of artisanal finesse shaped in the form of jackets and trousers, but also reversible checked coats and color block blousons.

Painterly movement is provided by Vichy checks, either micro or macro, swarming as jacquard on suiting wool, or irregularly painted on laid-back shirts and trousers. Flower motifs add further charm. A Mediterranean, handspun feel pervades a variety of tricot jumpers, down to a crocheted trucker jacket, and a series of textured pieces and accessories made of terry. The softest leather is mixed with technical fabrics on outerwear, while an ever alert environmentally friendly stance characterizes CARE suits and knits made with organic or recycled fabrics. The date 1934 – the year in which CANALI was founded – recurs as a whispered logo on a smattering of pieces and accessories, as an overture to the celebrations which will officially take place next season. Topping off such vision of gentility, eveningwear comes in soft pastel shades besides more traditional black and white, and features degagé shapes heightened by linen or voile shirts and velvet slippers.

The choice of fabrics gives substance to the smartorial detour: fine wool, textured linen, terry, washed nappa leather, silk. The palette is a light and breezy mix of white, sand, sky blue, lavender, sunflower, with dense accents of caramel, dark brown, blue, blue black, and burgundy. Accessories such as caps, bucket hats, woven raffia belts and a variety of shoes – sneakers, slip-ons, sandals, reimagined velvet slippers, rope-soled slippers, loafers – round off the proposal.

The plurality of the message calls in a plural audience, creating a sense of unity and belonging, gently.