For Spring / Summer 2024, Camper is breathing new life into its fan-favourite Kobarah sandal with a new seasonal color palette for its carry over heeled model.

Inspired by the sinuous movement of a cobra snake, Kobarah is made of voluptuous contours softly wrapping around the foot.

This December, Kobarah returns in a variety of monochrome tones ranging from sunny shades of bubble gum pink, mint green and purple to a versatile black. All of them are offered in a size range spanning 36 – 42 for Women and 39 – 44 for Men.

Based on the circular concept of “Made to be Remade”, Kobarah is thoughtfully conceived as a mono material shoe made fully from XL EXTRALIGHT® injection moulding technology that features 30% bio-circular compounds obtained from organic waste byproduct, and 70% EVA. This composition is especially engineered in order to be easily disassembled and fully recycled at the end of its life, avoiding any unnecessary waste.

Kobarah in black and Pink – available now.
Kobarah mint green and Purple – available in December.
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