For Spring / Summer 2024, Camper is introducing ROKU, a brand new unisex line boldly breaking the rules of traditional footwear.

Meaning “six” in Japanese, ROKU is a revolutionary concept with a sustainable spirit, connected to Camper’s iconic Wabi with a new, contemporary look. A modular, ergonomic shoe influenced by the organic shapes and functionality of traditional Japanese objects, it features six interchangeable components. Including a cushioned footbed, soft knitted upper, 3D sock, laces and an XL EXTRALIGHT® SUSTAINABLE+ lightweight outsole – a material made of 51% pre-consumer recovered scraps and by-products coming from the manufacturing process, reducing landfill waste.

All elements are sold as an assembled shoe, as well as disassembled across four different packs, giving the wearer the chance to build their very own model.

Over two years in the making, ROKU is one of the most ambitious and inventive ideas in Camper’s history. “We wanted to make shoes that any Camper fan could enjoy in their very own way”, states Camper’s design team. “It was a complex concept to develop, but it is a simple shoe to make.”

ROKU’s unique design features minimal and re-used ingredients, including an innovative simplified one-piece knit technology, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing towards Camper’s ultimate zero waste goal. Foregoing glue, the shoe can be easily disassembled, repaired and fully re-used at the end of its lifespan, creating a product that is limitless.

This season, ROKU is available in a variety of colors ranging from neutral black and white to versatile khaki and a bright shade of red. If purchased in its disassembled form, the shoe can be customized and its parts switched to create up to 64 different looks and color combinations.

ROKU will be available on early access exclusively online from February 29 to March 5, and in selected Camper stores worldwide, retailers and from March 6.