CALVINLUO is pleased to announce the opening of its first flagship store. Housed in a 220-square-meter two-story building at No. 380, Yongjia Road in the Xuhui District of Shanghai (former French Concession), the store will carry a curated selection of products from the brand’s full lines.


The store is co-designed by Calvin Luo, Creative Director of CALVINLUO, and architecture and design agency ONOAA STUDIO (Shanghai). The design explores the concept of “fission and fusion” and sets the tone for CALVINLUO’s upcoming expansion into retail. It echoes the brand’s energy and readiness to grow after years of building its presence on the global market.

Spatial layout

Inside, the two-story space is orderly laid out. The exposed structural elements and the stainless-steel props, tough and cold, are linear and sculptural, while marble with black and white veins, distinctive and softer, runs organically through the rooms. Outside, the façade is divided into two equal black and white blocks with minimalist and clean square windows. A hallmark structure in red baking varnish glass simultaneously serves as a point of focus from the street and a point of reference for indoor navigation.

Art experience  
Calvin Luo invited some of his artist friends to create experiential works: “RIPPLES”, a device combining technology, rhythm, and light by French kinetic sculptor Vincent Leroy; “Nature/Humanity”, a wooden sculpture by young sculptor Mao Guanshuai in the atrium on the first floor; “Dryad”, a visual masterpiece by emerging photographer Liu Xiangyu on the wall of the second floor; selected playlists by musicians An Yu and Guo Caijie. Every corner of the store is filled with an exclusively customized scent of magnolia, mixed with wood and floral notes of cedar and amber. 

Beauty of Sustainability

For its first CALVINLUO’s Global Flagship Store, it was important to Calvin to retain parts of the original building structure and reuse some of the materials when designing the new space, as well as using a large number of eco-friendly nylon construction materials wherever possible.

CALVINLUO embarks on a new chapter. A second store will open in Shenzhen in September 2022. More stores are slated to open in China in 2023 and a potential first international store within a year. All experiential spaces will merge fashion, design, and art.

CALVINLUO Global Flagship Store: 380 Yongjia Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Business hours: Monday – Thursday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, Friday – Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm