Embracing Calvin Klein’s minimalism as a canvas for creative exploration, this season’s campaign strips back to the essentials. Consciously crafted staples such as the perfect white tee, archival/classic denim silhouettes and the Brand’s iconic monogram underwear offer the possibility of limitless self-expression. They become a Blank Canvas. Photographer Mario Sorrenti and director Terence Nance capture the storytellers, visionaries, and creators of today telling their stories through intimate and surreal visuals, dialogue and movement. 

The Cast:

Anthony Ramos, actor, musician

Janaya Future Khan, storyteller, futurist, activist

Jacob Elordi, actor

Koffee, musician

Megan Thee Stallion, rapper

Queer Skate LA, skate collective based out of Los Angeles, California

Rina Sawayama, singer-songwriter

Sage Elsesser, musician and skateboarder

Vinson Fraley, dancer

Spring 2021’s new offerings focus on foundational styles. In Underwear, Air Fx Tech delivers breathable support. Reconsidered Comfort provides iconic Calvin Klein silhouettes made from sustainably-sourced materials. In Jeans, our monochromatic, gender-neutral pieces such as trucker jackets and cotton rib tanks are destined to become go-to wardrobe staples.

Campaign Credits:

Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

Director: Terence Nance