Attention design aficionados and early adopter cocktail enthusiasts: Prins & Aap barstro is now open at Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. From AI-generated art to signature cocktails on tap, Prins & Aap offers a unique experience. Combining a creative bar with a Dutch bistro, it’s the place where locals and hotel guests converge for the finest cocktails, local bites, and making new connections.

From coffee to cocktails, newspapers to DJ booths, Prins & Aap welcomes you for Amsterdam’s cozy vibes all day long. This new barstro blends contrasts, reminiscent of a traditional cozy Amsterdam café, adorned with details like Persian tablecloths and the lyrics of “Aan de Amsterdamse grachten” infused into the bar. Prins & Aap serves as a local hub for unexpected cocktails and artisanal dishes, where design, lifestyle, and bon vivants gather for a relaxing morning, inspiring afternoon, or vibrant evening.

Cocktails on tap and local bites
Crafted with care by top bartender Nikos Bakoulis, the innovative cocktail menu comes to life through a dedicated bartending team. Whether shaken or poured from the advanced tap system, there’s something for every moment of the day. Emphasizing natural flavors, the current cocktail menu features earthy, herbal, or fruity concoctions like vodka with fennel root, ginger, grape, and tonic, or a 0.0 with Martini Floreale, pear, vanilla, pink pepper, lychee, and sparkling wine. The extensive drinks menu takes center stage at this new neighborhood favorite, which also hosts regular genever tastings. Dishes are prepared using ingredients sourced from Amsterdam and Dutch suppliers, highlighting the barstro’s local character and complementing the cocktail offerings. From all-day brunch to lunch, dinner, and drinks, Prins & Aap serves up comfort food with authentic flavors.

AI design and centerpiece by Marcel Wanders
The interior exudes Dutch design, with nods to the Golden Age and the city of Amsterdam. Alongside the lyrics of the famous Amsterdam anthem adorning the bar, wallpaper details depict events from the 17th century. The central table by the window draws inspiration from the painter Vermeer, while top designer Marcel Wanders found inspiration in the Dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch for his impressive triptych and centerpiece. A delightful detail: scattered throughout the barstro are various portraits from the Golden Age, designed by AI. Karin Krautgartner, interior designer and owner of byKK, remarks, “About twelve years ago, I collaborated with Marcel Wanders on the design of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. I was closely involved in the inception, design, and execution of the concept. Now, we have reconnected the place with the city and the Prinsengracht, a kind of microcosm where people work, love, and celebrate life. Prins & Aap connects people and celebrates the diversity and creativity of Amsterdam.”

Princes and monkeys
The interior concept is reflected in the name. Prins (Prince) alludes to the statues of princes found throughout the hotel, while Aap (Monkey) emphasizes the mischievous and playful character of the barstro. Prins & Aap isn’t afraid of experimentation. Additionally, Prins references the location on Prinsengracht, and Aap is the abbreviation for Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Moreover, Amsterdam’s art often features references to monkeys, serving as allegories for human behavior or folly.

In sum, Prins & Aap barstro provides the perfect setting to savor the best cocktails, urban ambiance, delightful company, and local fare in a community-driven environment. Prins & Aap is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM, and on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM. For more information, visit

Photo: Chantal Laurent