This Wednesday, June 16th, C4P x Clay Arlington x Carhartt WIP will present their UNIFORM FOR CHANGE collection in the Carhartt WIP brand store in Amsterdam. This unique collaborative capsule connects fashion, art and social relevance by giving artist and designer Clay Arlington carte blanche on a unique canvas; a series of Carhartt WIP utilitarian garments. All proceeds of these one-of-a-kind wearable artworks are going to Clothes for Progress partners that aim to defeat social injustice towards the Black community. 


 Together with Clothes for Progress (C4P) and Carhartt WIP, artist Clay Arlington created a limited series of collaged, hand silk screened one-of-a-kind wearable artworks, based around the title "Conditions”. The intention of this three-way collaborative capsule with Carhartt WIP was to create a uniform that reminds the wearer there is still work to be done when it comes to reaching equality for all humans. The latter being the main objective of continuous fundraising platform Clothes for Progress (C4P). 

Born from a desire to put in overdue work, Clothes for Progress is a driving force of raising awareness for social injustices in the black community and fundraising organizations like the Black Archives, Black Queer and Trans Resistance Netherlands, The Netherlands Gets Better, Black Lives Matter and National Bailout, by selling clothes. All proceeds of the UNIFORM FOR CHANGE capsule collection will therefore also go to these C4P partners. 


In line with the Clothes for Progress heritage artist and designer Clay Arlington released his artwork of flowers, text, and iconography on Carhartt WIP’s utilitarian garments; from dungarees to jackets and trousers. 

‘I think for the most part, the work grew out of collages I was making, along with text… almost poetry. I've been using the term conditions for a while. The conditions. Ideal conditions. Weather conditions. Sufficient and necessary conditions, the conditions that make things possible. The other words are all just strong scene setting ideas, and together with the forms of people dancing, performing, I think are in some ways similar to props, or create a stage, or a scene. Burners are graffiti pieces that are so strong they burn everything around them, the month of June, tulips…I guess it's like soup, some summer soup from a city where everyone is dancing to avoid the heat.’ – Clay Arlington 

So what can you expect on June 16th? A limited series of sleek white pieces contrasted with bright red and bold black graphics with a price range going from €225 to €300. Next to the limited garments, a select series of Carhartt WIP tees (€50) and posters (€25) with a print by Clay Arlington will be available at Carhartt WIP’s Amsterdam store on Utrechtsestraat 99, as well as through Clothes for Progress‘ Instagram account. Please note that due to limited capacities, a first come first serve principle is in order.