Spanish singer, songwriter, and rapper C. Tangana delivers an invigorating new anthem, and short film, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Spanish soccer league La Liga’s Real Club Celta de Vigo. The recording “Oliveira Dos Cen Años,” composed and produced by Tangana, is accompanied by a short film that he directed in collaboration with his production company Little Spain.

With a similar approach to his multi-platinum and award-winning album ‘El Madrileño,’ Tangana transforms Galician Folklore into the future and created one of the most ambitious collaborations In Spanish soccer history. 

C. Tangana’s connection with the city of Vigo is personal and musical. With his father hailing from Vigo and born a “Celtista”, his close artistic relationship with the local Hip Hop and urban scene has had an influence on the development of his music since his early days. Perhaps that is why this personal love letter to the Club, to Vigo and, by extension, to Galicia has come about so naturally. This is a piece where Tangana deliberately disappears as a performer and takes over as composer and producer – supported by Alizzz, pablopablo and Harto Rodríguez – as well as a director for the spectacular music video produced by Little Spain. That way, even if he does not sing a single note, Tangana has become the creative mastermind of a work marked more than ever by his vision and presence.

The anthem, recorded in Vigo during the second half of March, is the result of a preliminary research work carried out with leading figures in Galician culture. Conversations with writer Pedro Feijoo and musicians such as Rodrigo Romaní, one of the founders of Milladoiro, or Alfredo Dourado, member of another Galician Folk classic band such as A Roda, proved instrumental in starting a process that would eventually lead him to Vigo, soaking up the vibrant local folk scene under the guidance of cultural activist Xisco Feijoo and ETRAD’s team, the city’s municipal school of traditional music. An exciting journey in search of the true essence, incorporating rhythmic elements from Galician folklore – with percussion arrangements by Xosé Lois Romero and the collaboration of the Lilaina pandeireteiras – and texts from old traditional songs. 

With this framework, C. Tangana has crafted a choral work sung in Galician where local artists such as the renowned Coral Casablanca, the pandeireteiras As Lagharteiras or even representatives of the popular Celtic supporters’ club Tropas de Breogán -also including Sime, leader of the punk band Keltoi!- all steal the limelight. As with ‘El Madrileño,’ Tangana captures once again all that energy and the apparent simplicity of traditional music and adds to it a universal resonance through all the power and freshness of today.

Behind the scenes, Tangana doubles down. His work immerses us in a stunning collection of postcards that will take us through the air to the spectacular landscape of the Vigo estuary, with the island of San Simón and the iconic Rande Bridge in the foreground. Staged in the style of a major film production, the piece captures in images the union of tradition and contemporary times, with a focus on women as the central axis of Galician society and the overwhelming energy of the Celtic fans.