For SS022, British footwear brand Clarks Originals and C.P. Company come together to celebrate the point where nature meets the city. The collaboration is about mixing natural materials and heritage craftsmanship, with a modern technology suitable to the demands of 21st century outdoors performance. Composed of two jackets and two shoes’ styles, the collection is equally inspired by the design language of Clark’s cult Desert Trek and C.P. Company’s historical ability to manufacture clothing textures of cultural depth. The outerwear pieces – an anorak and a long jacket, manufactured from a combination of polyurethane-coated linen and rubber inserts – are an exploration of movement between city and countryside, man-made and natural, protective and porous. The iconic Clarks’ Desert Trek is reimagined in two styles: the original, enriched by rubber details, and the re-mastered, which features a Vibram outsole.