Once again, the brand develops the project started for its 50th anniversary, featuring four people (and a special young guest) coming from different backgrounds – for whom wearing, buying, selling, studying C.P. Company has intersected with experiences of cultural interest. 

Photographed by Neil Bedford, the casting includes people very different from each other in cultural backgrounds, age, gender and interests.

For FW023 season the four talents interpret seasonal looks with their personal style, representing the C.P. Company’s unique ability to use the materiality of clothing, to interact with social ferment and innovation. Everyone’s experiences, stories and visions reflect and intertwine in the brand’s clothes and accessories.

Special guest of the campaign, Sergio Pizzorno, leader of the British band “Kasabian” shot also along with his father.




Hee Choi is the Vice President of GF Fashion, a Seoul-based company that operates and distributes imported fashion in South Korea, including C.P. Company. Having studied in the UK, Hee is now back in his homeland, living in Seoul, which he describes as a “dynamic, unpredictable, modern and vibrant city.”

Hee’s major source of motivation is family, both past and present. It was her father who introduced him to C.P. Company. “I have lived with the brand ever since I was a young girl because my father has distributed C.P. Company in South Korea since 1996. There is no other brand like C.P. Company and there will never be, and this brand has been carried by family. I respect the way Massimo Osti’s son, Lorenzo, is trying to add an aspect of future to the brand’s heritage.” Hee appreciates the focus on ‘family’ in C.P. Company, and the fact that the brand is not about trends and fashion. For this reason, she chose to be photographed with her husband and her daughter. “Because C.P. Company has always been leading fashion since day one, the C.P. Company’s corner stones of are firm and solid, nobody can copy or pretend to be like this brand.” Hee believes C.P. Companys’s constant fabric and colour research is the key to its success. “Yes, it is all about the process!”

For the FW023 campaign, Hee selected the Gore-Tex 3L Infinium jacket from the Metropolis Series with detachable down lining and hood. There is a personal connection for Hee as her father owned pieces from the first ever Metropolis Series. “For me, this model defines sophisticated and delicate sportswear. It naturally sums up my style and feels comfortable to wear.” Once again if comes back to family for Hee: “Most importantly here I am wearing a Metropolis Series jacket with my daughter. Maybe one day she’ll do the same with her kids. This will be a remarkable history for all of us.”



Sergio is a songwriter, singer and artist. His day job is being the front man for British rock band Kasabian, but over the years the musician has started several multi-disciplinary adventures, such as the solo project The S.L.P. and Loose Tapestries together with actor Noel Fielding.

Sergio’s paternal grandfather emigrated from Genoa in northern Italy, and the family ended up in the East Midlands city of Leicester where Sergio has lived all his life. “What inspires me about this place is its humour, architecture and its landscape.” Sergio takes a very visual approach to his work, even if it comes out as music: “My passions are films and movie soundtracks. The music I make is very visual, so it overlaps with clothing brands like C.P. Company.”

He has a longstanding relationship with C.P. as a consumer. “I have always loved the brand and have been wearing it since I was a teenager. The attention to detail and the overall design have always been very iconic.” There are definite connections between C.P. Company and Sergio’s work: “Yes, the passion for invention and to continue to keep pushing art forward.”

When it came to picking a piece to wear in the FW023 campaign, Sergio took a simple yet effective approach: “I chose the kind of piece that I would wear on stage.” The TOOB coat is perfect for performances with is theatrical shape and characteristic fabric. The name TOOB comes from the resemblance with an inner tube. A 2-layer opaque transparent polyurethane layer is applied to a coloured cotton base layer and the very slight movement of these two layers gives the distressed, used appearance and transparent external taping on the seams completes the used rubber effect.



Milo works within the sneaker and fashion industry. She currently lives in London having moved over from Germany around 25 years ago. “The creative scenes that come from London are so diverse and they’re constantly evolving.” Milo’s interested in design, whatever form it takes: styling, fashion design, interior design, photography, modelling. “Anything that allows me to be creative would be something I’m passionate about.”

For Milo, the most relatable element of C.P. Company is that it’s very universal. You never see one particular type of person with a particular style wearing C.P. Company as it appeals to such a wide audience from different backgrounds. “I feel I can incorporate C.P. Company within my outfit no matter what I’m wearing.” Milo has preferred the tomboy sportswear look ever since childhood. “It’s what I feel expresses me best and C.P. Company captures that look in their pieces. I’m very experimental yet considered with my style and outlook on fashion.”

For the campaign images, Milo chose the Co-Ted Goggle down jacket as she wanted something that conveyed her day-to-day style, which is usually simple yet baggy and oversized. “I wanted a fun contrast between the C.P. jacket and my vision of what street and sportswear is.” The Co-Ted fabric has a water resistant internal coating, which creates a great barrier against rain and wind, whilst also adding an element of resistance to the garment dyeing process. But Milo was also focused on her footwear: “I’m a sneakerhead at heart, so obviously I wanted a nice pair of trainers that channeled this within my look!”



Mohamed AKA Cheb Moha is an artist working in the fashion industry, mostly focused on photography and art direction, while also running his own brand, Shabab. “I’m dedicated to the exploration of my ideas, which spans from commercial and editorial fashion shoots to designing a logo or working on a project that combines with sports with music.”

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Cheb currently lives in Dubai, having moved there in 2013. “What inspires me about Dubai, is the fact that there is always momentum here, people coming and going, and it has its own pace as a city. I also like that I’m in the middle of everywhere and it’s convenient to move around.” Growing up, Cheb’s passion was football, and though today he is all about dedicating himself to his work, everything is related in his mind: “I feel like playing football created a sequence of ideas and disciplines that I follow today in my work.” Cheb is drawn to the fact that C.P. Company is constantly looking to the future, putting the focus on being innovative while at the same also holding onto their strong core beliefs and traditions. “I find such things beautiful to relate to because it reminds me of how you can have a strong foundation and still being open to exploration and seeing how far you can go.”

For the FW023 campaign, Cheb picked the Micro-M down jacket featuring taped shoulder seams and breathable arm pits. “The water-resistant Micro-M is inspired by the iconic 50 Fili fabric. “I can easily incorporate this jacket into my wardrobe as something cosy with lots of pockets. I like to be comfortable and functional, so this jacket is perfect.”