The new Spring/Summer collection of C.P. Company mixes the now with the past. Basing the collection on progressive textile research with references to its historical archive, creating a borderline between tradition and modernity. The brand’s sportswear DNA is underlined by a palette of more delicate tones, boxy fits and the application of embroidered logos, reminiscent of C.P. Company’s stylistic approach during the ’80s and ’90s. A contemporary vision that aims to enhance the brand’s identifying codes: casual elegance, technological avant-garde and functional details. 

C.P. Company’s constant textile innovation reaches new heights with the introduction of garments in Rafia, a nylon yarn irregularly flattened and laminated on the reverse, inspired by heavy industrial materials, over-dyed and anti-drop treated. In line with this approach, the brand explored more fabrics such as Denim, Taylon L Mixed, Lino Wax and Knitted Nylon Jersey for the SS025 collection.

Through the use of Denim, C.P. Company aims to explore the potential of raw-looking natural fabrics on the brand’s iconic silhouettes. The range reinterprets overshirts, knitwear and the Goggle Jacket in 50 Fili indigo, Cotton Chambray and two versions of 30/1 cotton denim. All denim items feature the British Sailor logo patch. The Goggle Jacket has been piece-dyed to bring out the density of the indigo, adding another twist to an iconic and timeless garment. The jacket features a polyester mesh to protect the body from chafing and increase breathability. The Goggle Jacket also features the reintroduced Lino Wax, a fabric characterized by a semi-transparent polyurethane outer coating with a wax effect. The external coating significantly increases the fabric’s resistance to atmospheric agents, as well as enhancing the irregularities typical of linen yarn.

The SS025 collection presents an Explorer jacket in Knitted Jersey Nylon, a Japanese jersey obtained from a nylon yarn, the result of an innovative spinning technology that gives a natural touch and a soft texture. The fabric is garment dyed.

The experimental process that drives the collection and values of C.P. Company continues through the Taylon L jackets, a lightweight taslanised nylon created using an air-jet texturizing process and garment-dyed, with mixed inserts in CS II. By combining the two fabrics, it is possible to achieve garments with contrasting elements such as pockets and hoods.

The versatility and functionality of garments in Chrome-R, 50 Fili Stretch, and Flatt Nylon, two fabrics representative of C.P. Company’s technical avant-garde is renewed with contemporary silhouettes such as bomber jackets, vests, blazers and hooded jackets, enriched with military-inspired details and a selection of garment-dyed cotton chenille knits with sprayed-on reverse.