C.P. Company launches its loyalty program: “The Brotherhood”, a digital experience for C.P. Company customers that helps create a trusting, quality relationship with the brand. The program rewards loyal customers by offering personalized offers, access to exclusive services as well as opportunities to earn points.The new digital membership program is designed to provide C.P. Company a direct way to connect with customers and designed on the principle of relationship-building while focusing on the need for personalization to brand’s customers and offer them rewards.

Online fans that join “The Brotherood” program will enjoy a slew of rewards such as the initial sign-up offer, earn points for every purchase, receive personalized offers including special discount for their birthday, early access to special shopping events, free shipping on purchases and many more. C.P. Company wants to offer a unique shopping experience. But not only. They also want to reward our most loyal customers through exclusive services. And a path to follow together with their community, step after step. The loyalty program is activated automatically when you create an account. Through online purchases, you continue step by step, unlocking increasingly special services.