“Sometimes it seems there is an invisible wall between a piece of art and our physical world. Physical touch sparks emotion, and we want people to be able to experience art in a very physical, almost intimate way.” – Leanna Byerlee (CEO)

Collectors couture: launched at the end of 2021, the Berlin-based cult label breaks down traditional barriers of space and time between Art and its beholder. Inspired by the desire to make objects of art personal, By Told introduces one-of-a-kind wardrobe edits in dual collaboration with artists and embroidery artisans, reinterpreting art with needle and thread. Scouting a vibrant emerging Art scene, By Told has landed collaborations with up and rising artists from art metropolises like Berlin and London – to arty hubs like Gdynia, Hamburg, and Rotterdam. The artists transfer a wide range of topics – all connected to a deeper story: scientific and biological observations of science about star formations or our eyesight, philosophical discussions about the subconscious and the chaos of the world to delicate drawings of endangered species and meditative circles. The label experiments with reinterpreting collaborating artists’ etchings, paintings, drawings, 3D digital art and art installations into wearable form.

Each limited edition collector piece, places the hand-embroidered artwork center stage, provoking conversations about societal issues roused by the artists’ life histories and stories. The brand’s coined micro-collection model eschews seasonality, by bringing small drops throughout the year, placing the artwork at the epicenter. By Told’s collector pieces are made in small-batch releases with carefully considered, responsibly sourced materials.

Art that captivates us, can open us to new thoughts, and push boundaries we might have not even realized existed. The label creates its carefully conceived art pieces with the idea that this breakthrough is inclined to happen more often when we bring art into our daily lives.

The newest artist collaboration with Eiko Bocherding, and the label‘s first artistic commentary series, called ‘Puppets of Darkness’ will be released and available to purchase in July 2022 on www.by-told.com