Fire. Fire unites the landscapes sculpted by nature and those forged by man. The ancestral roots of man and his ability to forge his own future and destiny, driven by the fiery force that burns inside him.. Fire is the natural element that glows at the heart of the timeless BVLGARI MAN In Black fragrance.

With almost a decade of success of the iconic Eau de Parfum, BVLGARI MAN In Black returns with a new Parfum, unleashing the ancestral power and magnificent elegance of fire through a more intense and sophisticated olfactive concentration.

Exploring the most charming side of Fire, the all-black flacon of the new Parfum delivers an intense interpretation of the BVLGARI MAN In Black aesthetic codes: it is attractive, eye-catching and inherently elegant. The audacious use of the color black visually recalls the higher concentration of the Parfum, differing from the more marked contrast between the black and rose gold of the Eau de Parfum.

The BVLGARI MAN Collection balances the strength of Wood, the invigorating freshness of Air, the generous richness of Earth and the transformative power of Rain, and draws new olfactive inspiration from the element of Fire.

The collection is embodied by Bulgari Ambassador Lorenzo Viotti, the Chief Conductor of the Dutch National Opera, who has made it his life’s work to translate pure emotion into musical expression. Like fragrance, music is humanity, an encounter between man and nature that leads to a moment of inspired creation. And like a musical performance, the BVLGARI MAN Collection is a harmony — a journey through nature, revealed one element at a time.