A continuous evolution, an unresting transformation, a fascinating metamorphosis.

Forever at the forefront of change and innovation, Bvlgari celebrates its most legendary icon, Serpenti. Just as the snake continuously transforms itself shedding its skin, the Roman luxury jeweler’s evolves its first icon, by introducing a new, contemporary and urban twist. 

A symbol of power, seduction, temptation and transformation, the snake is Bvlgari’s audacious emblem. It first appeared in the late 1940s with the outstanding introduction of the sinuous Tubogas bracelet-watches; continuing to grow in visibility and preciousness in the 1960s as it began to appear in jewellery collections and establishing itself as Bvlgari’s distinctive symbol. From the more animalistic versions of the Seventies to past decades’ more geometric and stylized forms, the snake deeply epitomizes Bvlgari’s bold and fierce spirit. 

Embracing change and evolution, the brand interprets the iconic signature with contemporary and metropolitan audacity, injecting a new vibe into Serpenti Viper. A result of the jeweler’s unparalleled craftsmanship, delivered by those “intelligent hands” defining its skilled artisans whose knowledge and passion transform creative ideas into incredible artifacts. 

With its flexible modular construction featuring the snake’s scales carefully hinged together and inserted one by one, an expression of Bvlgari’s outstanding jewelry know-how, theSerpenti Viper eye-catching pieces wrap around the body like powerful armors.

Serpenti Viper is designed to tempt self-confident and empowered personalities who love to follow their instincts, transform and discover a magnified version of themselves. 

Sparkling with precious diamond sets, adding exclusivity to the edgy design available in three gold colors, Serpenti Viper now features an unprecedented wide selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. The bracelets and rings, which are key pillars of the Serpenti assortment, become more precious thanks to the double wrapping feature in pink and white gold – a bold second skin for brave women. 

Enhancing its audacious attitude, Serpenti Viper also welcomes designs where shining, bright plain gold scales embellished with diamonds enrich the heads and the tails of stylized snakes.

To complete the assortment, Bulgari introduces matching pendants and earrings that embody the spirit of the precious coiling snake empowering those who dare to wear them.

Such a captivating charm also exudes in the stunning Infinite CompositionsHigh Jewelry sets, the most precious takes on Serpenti Viper. In this irresistible interpretation, Bvlgari exalts the sinuosity of the legendary sign and plays with the stylistic versatility of its unmistakable scales adopting a sinusoidal design. An ode to unrivaled artisanal mastery, the necklaces in white and pink gold sensually wrap around the neck thanks to its exquisite three dimensional structure crafted by hinging over its sections, each different from the others and equipped with internal springs to obtain an incredible flexuosity. Pavè diamonds scales shine on the livery, and glossy hardstones inserts, masterfully shaped to fit the rounded profile, boost its desirability through a powerful chromatic contrast. 

Serpenti Viper… unleash your senses.