Ribbon-cutting ceremony with Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO Bulgari Group and Chiara Ferragni in Piazza Duomo, followed by an exclusive party at Terrazza Duomo 21: the multimedia Artificial Intelligence designed immersive installation ‘Serpenti Metamorphosis’ by Refik Anadol opens to the public.

Inspired by the concept of metamorphosis, the multimedia installation celebrates the beauty of nature and of Bulgari’s snake through the elaboration of artificial intelligence data into dynamic 3D sculptures. Refik Anadol has used more than 200 millions pictures of nature and 160 millions of pictures of flowers to create what will be remembered as the first large scale luxury immersive AI driven NFT arts piece. Milan only marks the beginning of a journey that will continue in various cities around the world, ending with the conversion of the artwork into an auctioned NFT (Non-Fungible Token) multisensorial and multidimensional piece.

The party saw the participation of many prominent personalities from the world of institutions, entrepreneurship and local culture, as well as a rich parterre of international guests, including Chiara Ferragni, Elodie, Tina Kunakey, Ester Exposito, Iris Law, Princess Lilly Wittgenstein, Xenia Adonts,Seranay Sarikaya, Alessia Marcuzzi, Alice Pagani, Vittoria Puccini, Francesca Michielin, Levante, Alice Campello, Alvaro Morata, Filippa Lagerback, Daniele Bossari, Nima Benati, Riccardo Mandolini, Lorenzo Zurzolo and Nieves Alvarez.

Guests were entertained by the extraordinary musical performance by Italian singer Noemi followed by the hypnotic DJ set of Graziano della Nebbia.

Visits to the installation can be booked through the link https://events-bulgari.force.com/s/?language=en_US or through the dedicated QR code. Completing the narrative path dedicated to Serpenti, the Bulgari store in Via Montenapoleone will host an exhibition from 4 to 30 October displaying some of the most iconic Serpenti creations from the 1940s to the 1960s.