Burberry is launching the Imagined Landscapes pop-ups to celebrate the houses iconic outerwear , a series of inspirational pop-ups across the globe showcasing classic and reimagined styles. 

Exploration and the freedom to go beyond have been an inspiration for Burberry for over a century. This takes a new form in the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann pop-up, as a topographic mirrored sculpture rises from the landscape – an ephemeral brand space, dreamlike and futuristic, deeply connected with nature. Environmental shots of the British countryside from the campaign are featured throughout.

The experience continues inside, with an innovative space where the digital and physical collide – where exhibition meets retail. In one room, there is an immersive experience featuring cinematic films by four local artists, where visitors are surrounded by screens and can interact with the unique worlds the artists have created. A social experience in partnership with TikTok continues the connection with technology and global communities, as visitors scan a QR code to unlock a digital experience inspired by weightlessness.

The journey of innovation is also reflected in the product available, in the latest iterations of the iconic trench coat by Riccardo Tisci – water-resistant gabardine alongside outerwear pieces crafted from the new revolutionary gabardine. Crafted in the UK, the gabardine is expertly woven in a compact twill with a lightweight hand, allowing it to feature fluidly across quilts and puffers.

The pop-ups are a journey of discovery and escaping to a new reality.