More than 165 years of innovation, adventure and a unique expression of Britishness come to life in a new book on Burberry from luxury publisher Assouline. The richly illustrated volume is filled with material from the Burberry archive and beyond.

Five chapters, featuring 200 illustrations, depict Burberry’s evolution from a family-run company, founded in 1856, to a renowned global luxury brand in 2022. Each explores a range of notable events and the emblems for which

Burberry is renowned. Think inspiring explorers, signature trench coats and a distinct British identity.

‘Burberry is a story of creativity, exploration, innovation and community – all of which continue to be at the heart of the brand. In unearthing a dormant treasure trove, countless gold nuggets have been revealed. This book, the only one to be endorsed by the brand in recent times, presents a panorama of the company’s extraordinary heritage, which deserves to be widely celebrated. It’s the stuff of legends.’ Carly Eck, Brand Curator, Archive, Burberry.