words by Nadia ten Hove

In a celebration that harmonized heritage with innovation, Burberry, the iconic British fashion house, welcomed Winter 2023 in style.

Marking the debut of Daniel Lee’s inaugural collection for the brand, Burberry unveiled its enchanting pop-up experience, Burberry Rose, on the bustling streets of Shanghai. This blooming affair was the third installment in the Burberry Streets city experience series, following its predecessors in London and Seoul.

The heart of this grand opening, nestled on Panyu Road, witnessed a gathering of luminaries from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, and sports. Stars such as Chen Kun, Tang Wei, Joan Chen, and Wu Yanshu graced the event, adding their sparkle to the glamorous affair. The illustrious guest list also included the likes of Qi Xi, Ren Min, and Ning Zetao, painting the night with a palette of diverse talents.

Against the backdrop of this dynamic city, Burberry Rose sprung to life, embodying the essence of an English rose in full bloom. Intricately designed with handcrafted sculptures resembling delicate petals, stems, and leaves, the pop-up served as a mesmerizing canvas for Burberry’s Winter 2023 collection. Every detail, from the elegant curves to the vibrant hues, showcased the brand’s artistic prowess.

Inside, the space transformed into a royal sanctuary, adorned in the brand’s signature royal purple and adorned with the captivating rose print. This fusion of art and architecture created an immersive shopping experience, inviting guests to indulge in the opulence of Burberry’s latest creations. The ambiance, rich with the scent of fresh roses, whispered tales of modern British luxury.

This extraordinary event not only celebrated Burberry’s rich heritage but also embraced a forward-thinking vision that defined the brand’s future. The pop-up seamlessly blended contemporary elegance with timeless tradition, offering patrons a glimpse into the innovative spirit of Burberry. Amongst the enchanting displays, the iconic rose print and the newly redefined Equestrian Knight Design stood as testaments to Burberry’s enduring legacy.

As the night unfolded, the city of Shanghai became a canvas for Burberry’s artistry, with immersive experiences, captivating installations, and a series of events that mirrored the brand’s commitment to excellence. The launch of Burberry Rose wasn’t just a celebration of fashion; it was a testament to Burberry’s unwavering dedication to crafting unforgettable moments in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.