Burberry appoints award-winning Chinese actress Tang Wei as its global brand ambassador. A globally-renowned actress, Tang Wei has starred in numerous roles. Her performances in works such as ‘Late Autumn,’ ‘The Golden Era,’ ‘Crossing Hennessy’ and ‘Decision to Leave’ have garnered international acclaim, earning her prestigious awards both within China and internationally. These accolades include the Golden Horse Award for Best New Performer, Best Actress at the Beijing College Student Film Festival, the China Film Directors’ Guild Award for Actress of the Year, the Asian Film Award for Best Actress, the Korean Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actress and two Korean Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Actress. Notably, the film ‘Decision to Leave,’ in which she played a leading role, was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 75th annual Cannes Film Festival and won the Best Director award.

‘Having known Burberry for many years, it feels as though we’ve become old friends, with its influence woven deeply into my life. I’m truly grateful for this enduring companionship. I adore Burberry’s distinct mastery of color and lines, which exudes a sense of both familiarity and novelty. It’s a British charm that I’ve come to know and love, coupled with a timeless yet rebellious modern spirit. Fate brought us together. This friendship is like a rose, and I would love to see it blossom.’

Tang Wei