To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Serpenti, Bulgari opened the ‘Serpenti 75 Years of Infinite Tales’ show at the Dazi on Piazza Sempione in Milan. Milan is the only European location of the Serpenti Factory; an artistic initiative that will be presented exclusively throughout the year in specially selected global cities such as Shanghai, Seoul, Dubai, and Tokyo.

The exhibition, held at the Dazio di Levante in Milan, showcases extraordinary jewelry and watches, alongside some of Bulgari’s high-quality jewelry creations. As a further embodiment of the Serpenti symbol, the exhibition includes interpretations of the sign by six artists, both Italian and international: Quayola, Sougwen Chung, Daniel Rozin, Cate M, Fabrizio “Bixio” Braghieri, and Filippo Salerni. The latter two are from Milan, serving as a reminder of Bulgari’s connection with the city, which is a reference point in the Italian and international fashion system, as well as in culture and art.

Bulgari’s collaboration with the two Milanese artists extends beyond the Serpenti Factory: throughout the duration of the exhibition, the Bulgari boutique at Via del Gesù 4 will display two Cuori Fragili (“Fragile Hearts” by Bixio), the largest he has ever created, while the Bulgari Hotel in Milan will feature the installation “Aftermath of a Snake Deconstruction” by sculptor Filippo Salerni.

The exhibition “Serpenti: 75 Years of Infinite Tales” runs from October 11th to November 19th. Reservations can be made at or by using the QR code provided below.