Last night in Rome, Bulgari unveiled the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, the Octo Finissimo Ultra, a spectacular 8th world record for the Octo collection. 1.80 millimetres. Such is the extraordinary thinness of the Octo Finissimo Ultra. A revolutionary watch, an approach devoid of any prior knowledge or preconceptions, combined with the quintessence of Italian design.

In just one decade, the Octo collection has become one of the most extraordinary watchmaking adventures of the 21st century, setting a new standard in the world of contemporary elegant watchmaking. Its seven world records, technical prowess, unique shape and inimitable modern design have made it a watchmaking icon.

It was a historic day in Rome, 10 years later, on the legendary Piazza della Rotonda, which for the first time hosts an event of this calibre, Bulgari is honoring not only the beauty of the Pantheon and the city of Rome, but also a dream come true: the 10th anniversary of the Octo collection.

A dream that seemed impossible: that of an 8th consecutive world record for the Octo collection and one that will probably never be beaten, honouring the creation of the world’s thinnest ever mechanical watch. The slimness of this Octo Finissimo Ultra – which at 1.8 mm is barely thicker than a sheet of drawing paper – triggers a peerless physical and emotional sensation when worn.