Bulgari’s beautifully handcrafted High Summer 2024 leather goods and accessories Collection “Italian Escape” is inspired by the Italian summer, which is rather a lifestyle than a season.

The days spent on the beaches, the solar mood that illuminates the soul and the vibrant energy that enchant the evenings. Inspired by the uplifting feelings evoked by an Italian Escape, the Bulgari High Summer 2024 Leather Goods and Accessories collection captures the desire to live carefree moments and enjoy the best that life has to offer. Magnificently rendering these “feel-good vibes”, the collection is enlivened by summer-inspired motifs and seasonal animations such as Chevron Fabric and Woven Wicker, fresh expressions of Bulgari’s artisanal mastery. The irresistible charm of the most precious exotics is further elevated through creative treatments and workmanships, while the unfading appeal of exquisite Calf Leather is emphasized by highly-contemporary finishes. From pink shades, to soft nuances reminiscent of sandy beaches, through timeless colors such as Flash Diamond, Silver and Black, now infused with a modern appeal, the season’s chromatic palette shapes a universe of inspiration, pleasure and escapism using the evocative language of color. 

Bulgari adds a fresh look to the iconic Serpenti Forever Top Handle bag and the hypnotic Serpentine Pouch by introducing Chevron Fabric. 

The classic Chevron pattern is reimagined by Bulgari’s Design Team through a seasonal material made of three different fabrics. To create the motif, cotton, lurex and rayon threads are woven together by a fully hand-armed loom into a fine texture with a luxurious appeal, demanding almost four weeks of expert craftsmanship to complete. An additional step is required for the Serpenti Forever Top handle bag, where elegant Ivory Opal Calf Leather trims frame the single Chevron panels, for a refined shade on shade effect that exalts both the bag’s design and richness of textures. Perfectly attuned to the chromatic palette, the iconic snakehead magnetic closure is embellished with Ivory Opal enamel scales and hypnotic black enamel eyes. 
Another impactful seasonal material to get into vacation mood, a touch of effortless Italian elegance is Woven Wicker, which infuses the ever-evolving appeal of the Serpenti Forever Top Handle bag with unprecedented charm. 

Elevated by Bulgari through an artful craftsmanship process, the natural material is hand-woven in two different patterns around specially made metal frames: the two types of weaves create a unique design, delivering a new interpretation of the bag’s iconic shape. The flap cover and the top handle are crafted in matching Ivory Opal Calf Leather while the captivating snakehead signature closure, embellished with enamel and gold-plated brass scales, blends in effortlessly with the delicate and natural tones of the bag. 
A celebration of Serpenti’s irresistibly transformative nature, this cool, fresh and summery iteration releases the endlessly versatile look of the icon with a mix of timeless design, details and contemporary flair. 

The vibrancy and most electrifying moments of summer are echoed by Silver Striated Calf Leather, renewing the entrancing appeal of the Serpenti Top Handle Mini bag, a recently introduced style with more compact dimensions, and the timeless Serpenti Forever Day-To-Night shoulder bag. 
One endowed with a top handle and a detachable chain and leather strap for multiple wearabilities, the other completed by a chain strap that can easily switch from short to long and double length, both styles boast the mesmerizing snakehead closure, glowing with en pendant enamel and metallic scales as the unmistakable signature of the collection. 

With its peculiar texture recalling the natural beauty and delicate inclusions of rough diamonds, the Striated Calf Leather is achieved through the skilled application of a specific foil through a heat roll conferring the streaked and metallic effect, a display of Bulgari’s ability to reveal the infinite facets of selected high quality Calf Leather through unbridled creativity and superior craftsmanship. 

The glossy finish of Pale Pink Quartz Pure Karung illuminates with its refined allure the Serpenti Forever Top Handle Mini as well as the Serpentine Top Handle bag. Once more treating precious exotics like its coveted gemstones, Bulgari explores different workmanships to unfold the infinite facets of the most exquisite and appealing materials. Here the natural livery is fully bleached to achieve a uniform and solid color effect, while the shiny look is obtained through a specific treatment called “Lissage.”