“Mother nature is something that gives me not only inspiration, but comfort into my natural element. To breathe, to look, to smell, to hear.”  – Chief conductor Lorenzo Viotti

The 2022 Bulgari Man Campaign is an inspiration to experience the overwhelming power of nature through all the senses, in an instinctive, physical and regenerating way. To hear the fire crackling, to touch the bark of a tree or to move freely in a prolific field. To breathe fresh air and feel the wind on our skin. To feed the eyes on the vibrant shades of green and smell the refreshing scent of the leaves. To truly feel nature and how its power and unlimited energy flows within us.

It is a magnificent nature, the Bulgari way. It offers itself in all its generous greatness, unhiding its innermost secrets. What has always been under our eyes, appears under a new perspective; what we have always taken for granted is now vibrant, colourful, alive. The power of Fire. The vitality of Air. The inner strength of Wood. The fertile richness of Earth. It is as if we saw them – and smelt them – for the first time ever.

To experience this connection, Lorenzo Viotti, the new Ambassador of the Bulgari Man fragrances’ collection, a man who lives and breathes music, often begins by listening to his innermost self, as the only way to “hear your heartbeat. (..) So many rhythms, so many sounds.” 

Aged 31 and of Italian origin, the fascinating and gifted Swiss Chief conductor of the Dutch National Opera conduces music in a very multi-sensorial way, feeling the light, the smells, the emotions of everything he perceives around him. Like nature, music is an expression of humanity, the foundation from which man is inspired, develops and draws the strength to express himself in an authentic way. “I try to understand the truth behind the notes.” to say it in Lorenzo’s words.

Like any artistic expression, music & olfactive creation are a way to capture the truest emotions: the choice of a note or a specific fragrance ingredient determines the whole creative process and so, its essence. And it is just from this powerful encounter between natural resources and human ingenuity that the Bulgari Man fragrance collection comes to life.