With the ‘Built To Resist’ philosophy as a starting point, Eastpak introduces the creative 2024. With the culture of Cosplay in the spotlight, the brand invites you to step out of your everyday routine and show the authentic colours of your identity.

Through innovative collections and collaborations with artists and designers, the brand protects its line in creative innovation. While the endless possibilities for creative self-expression remain the campaign’s central message, the imagery is driven by a positive movement. The iconic styles in vibrant colours and designs invite the audience to go far beyond their imagination – as originality is the inspiring path to break free.

In collaboration with the Belgian creative agency Mutant, Eastpak embarks on an adventure of creative self-expression inspired by Cosplay. In a world where roleplaying games and escapist fantasy literature have become integral parts of popular and youth cultures, Eastpak takes a moment to celebrate their existence. According to the campaign’s design, Cosplay and live-action roleplay communities stand out for their remarkable resilience and defiance of convention.

The brand’s ‘Built to Resist’ message supports the values of these communities by advocating creativity, individuality, and self-expression. The campaign sets the brand’s creative tone for the rest of the year and celebrates positivity and creative self-expression. The collection is available online and at selected points of sale.

Agency: ​ Mutant
Creative Director: Odin Saillé
Creative: Ben Boliau
Design Director: Frank Schouwaerts
Motion Design: Bob Van den Audenaerde
Designer: ​ Ben Boliau, Tjen Colman
Director: Guy de la Palme
Production Company: Caviar Brussels
Photographer: Andile Buka
Art Director: Kate van der Merwe
Styling: Tessa Halvorsen
HMU artist: Merle Titus