What does pride feel like to you? What does pride smell like to you? What does pride sound like to you? What does pride taste like to you? What does pride look like to you?

While the answers to these questions will be just as unique as the people who answer them, they also show how we are all connected to one another through our senses and perceptions. This is the essence of pride – and the message BUFFALO wants to underscore:

We are all connected in our diversity. Together, each one unique in their own way.

In close collaboration with three content creators from the LGBTQIA+ community, we have created an exclusive pride capsule collection: Hakanposeidon, Chellachella and Alexasearth each designed a shoe with BUFFALO. Each of these models conveys a personal message from one of the creators that they want to share with the community. The result are three iconic BUFFALO styles that you can feel, hear, and see, as well as wear with pride.

BUFFALO x Hakanposeidon
Stylist Hakan Keppler wrapped the iconic BUFFALO CLD in a dog-tooth check and black patent leather look for the pride capsule collection. His punk attitude and love for fashion meet in the design, which represents ways to express different facets of sexuality. He calls the shoe a “wink to my old self” – and a challenge to live however you want, even if others might not understand it.
“For me, pride stands for freedom, fun, and letting loose. It’s all about doing your own thing, and everyone’s joining in. Everyone looks great and they’re wearing perfume, good smells are coming out of every corner. Let’s get the party started.” A 100% of sales from Hakan Keppler x Buffalo collaboration will be donated to a charity of Hakan’s choice, which is “Sexmatters”.

BUFFALO x Alexasearth
With the BUFFALO BINARY, content creator and activist Alexa Grassmann has consciously designed a shoe everyone can identify with. The design idiom impresses with soft undertones, not loud shades. With purist statements, not vibrant colors. The message: no means no, ask for consent, and love whoever you want. She is proud to have designed a shoe that encourages people to think. The right heel bears the question: “Did I say yes?” The right tongue gives a clear answer: “No.” The left tongue bears the statement: “Love whoever you want.”
“For me, pride means not being alone. It smells like warm streets, tastes sweet like cold raspberries, and sounds like the pulse of a Black Pumas album.”

BUFFALO x Chellachella
The vibrant BUFFALO ASPHA, designed by model, performance artist, and storyteller Cherella Gessel aka Chella Chella, is a reminder that black trans lives matter. The design combines yellow laces, which represent the intersex community, a lavender tongue, which represents trans and non-binary people, white for a-gender individuals, and pastel pink and blue for trans men and women – Cherella’s shoes not only stand out for their colors and design, but also convey an important message: together, we are part of something larger. The flower and rainbow pattern on the sole underscores this core message, and are an homage to US activist Marsha P. Johnson, a key figure in the Stonewall riots.
“Pay it no mind” – the quote crowning the upper of the shoe – is a commemoration of Marsha’s selfless activism.

Discover all styles at https://www.buffalo-boots.com/pride