Breitling is the first Swiss watch brand to open a store in the Meent and does so in a unique way. The brand chose the Meent in Rotterdam as the operating base for their store concept, where all Breitling models are available under one roof. The boutique is inspired by an industrial, vintage loft but at the same time, exudes a modern atmosphere. The store is notable for the watch bar at the entrance and the mezzanine, where consumers are immersed in the world of Breitling in a VIP bar. The store has an area of 105m2 and was developed in collaboration with Schaap en Citroen Jewelers.

Director of Breitling Netherlands Jan-Paul ten Hoopen: “With the opening of the Breitling BTQ on the Meent, Breitling once again shows to play an innovative role within the luxury watch market. The modern-retro store design is accessible, inclusive and shows a unique, complete watch collection. The location has been carefully chosen with the expectation that the Meent will play a prominent role for international luxury brands and retailers within a few years. We are proud that Breitling can play a pioneering role in this.”

In addition to the new Breitling boutique, consumers will find a certified pre-owned boutique of Schaap en Citroen Jewelers. Breitling encourages this new development within the Swiss luxury watch market. Because of the unique location of the two stores, customers have the choice between a high-quality pre-owned watch at Schaap en Citroen Jewellers or a new Breitling model in the Breitling store.

CEO at Schaap en Citroen Jewelers Mark van Nieuwkerk speaks of a unique store concept where pre-owned and new luxury come together for the first time in Swiss watch history. History. “It is unique worldwide that we offer this under one roof,” he says.

The Super Ocean line in the spotlight.

In the new Breitling boutique, consumers recognise the themes of air, sea and land, the three segments for which Breitling watches were developed. The boutique’s complete Breitling offering includes the new Super Ocean line. The collection returns to the austere aesthetic of the original water sports watches SuperOcean Slow Motion from the ’60s and ’70s but feature new functions and bright colours. The collection can be Rotterdam for the first time. The latest Navitimer will also be available.