In a partnership that transcends the ages but has never been more powerful than today, Dr. Martens and Marc Jacobs join forces once more, introducing their latest release featuring the inimitable artist Yves Tumor.

A Collaboration of Legends

Following the resounding success of their previous sell-out styles, the collaboration between Dr. Martens and Marc Jacobs is rekindled for a new era. With a history dating back to the 90s, these two iconic brands have charged through endless subcultures and social spheres, smashing molds and conventions along the way. It’s an attitude and spirit that ignited the creative souls of artists then and continues to inspire musicians like Yves Tumor today.

Marc Jacobs: The Rule Breaker

Marc Jacobs has made a name for himself by rewriting the rules of fashion, runways, and culture. Since the inception of his eponymous brand, he has been tirelessly advocating for disruption and individuality. In 1993, as the Creative Director at Perry Ellis, Marc Jacobs achieved a groundbreaking moment by sending Dr. Martens down the runway. His models strutted in slip dresses, iconic boots, and an audacious attitude, a look that had never graced the catwalks before. This daring move cemented his place in fashion history and thrust grunge into the spotlight.

A Celebration of Subversion

This latest release is a testament to their shared desire to live life uncompromisingly. It’s part of Dr. Martens’ 10-year celebration of the iconic Jadon boot, a symbol of subversion since its inception in 2013. The Jadon boot empowers wearers to stand tall, embodying the spirit of rebellion and self-expression.

In this iteration, Marc Jacobs pays homage to the Jadon’s heritage by preserving its timeless design. Instead of altering it, he adorns the boot with an array of charms and keepsakes, a collection of cherished items that proudly embellish this iconic piece of footwear.

The boot is adorned with a dual-branded tongue and swing tag, forming part of a collection of reworks commemorating the Jadon boot’s 10th anniversary. It celebrates a decade spent at the feet of those who want to boldly showcase what they stand for, embracing the unapologetic spirit that defines both Dr. Martens and Marc Jacobs.