Refreshing, honest and casual. That is the new concept of Carstens.
The brasserie, located opposite Amsterdam Central Station, opened its doors last Thursday 8 September. With honest flavours, fresh products and innovative creations, the urban brasserie takes guests on a journey through their own country. Anyone who takes a seat at the centrally located hotspot can expect an interactive experience. Behind every dish is a story, a local supplier and an interactive moment at the table to share. From explanation by the chef to a look in the kitchen. Carstens is friendly and tasteful.

The brains behind the new concept, chef Jeroen Bruinsma, has been trained by the best star chefs and restaurants in our country – from Robert Kranenborg at Vossius to Vermeer and La Sirene. His enthusiasm, great love for surprising cookbooks – from rare & vintage to the latest hotspots – and passion for the pure craftsmanship of cooking and sustainability form the basis of Bruinsma’s casual kitchen. “The Netherlands has countless beautiful products and I believe that nature takes most of the work off our hands. After selecting the best seasonal products, I just apply the right balance of techniques, temperatures and spices before adding our Carstens flair to create a delicious dish. You have to have the confidence to experiment and use your instincts to believe that it will taste incredibly good,” says Bruinsma. Together with Sous Chef Sebastiaan Alferink, known for his cooking skills at Circl and Instock, Bruinsma creates the kitchen of the renovated Carstens.

A sustainable view on food
Carstens only works with suppliers who have a sustainable view on ingredients to reduce food waste and contribute to a better Netherlands. For example, Bruinsma has joined forces with local, small suppliers, including Zorg & Natuur in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer, Groen Hart and The Chocolate Makers of Amsterdam Noord. Bruinsma explains: “My philosophy is to buy locally as much as possible and to make use of the versatility of sustainable ingredients.” Thanks to local collaborations, pure products, inspiration from travels all over the world and Jeroen’s unique chef’s vision, contemporary and honest dishes come to life in a surprising way at Carstens.

The best of every season
Every season there are new products and because Carstens works with local products, guests can regularly expect new dishes on the menu. Carstens shows an honest representation of time and place, and offers a varied and surprising range. If the fishmonger we work with catches the freshest fish from the North Sea one morning, guests can order it in the restaurant that same evening.

To kick off the opening, chef Jeroen Bruinsma has put together a special seasonal menu. Sometimes a classic, sometimes a novelty. Always carefully and locally sourced. The outcome? A 3-course menu for €39 and a 4-course menu for €47. The dishes can be supplemented with a matching wine arrangement for a complete taste experience.

Carstens is open from Thursday to Sunday from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

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