This year, the Roman jeweler follows the enchantment of the rainbow, letting its good-luck-charm spirit slide its way into countless fresh elds of expression and play withevery imaginable combination in the chromatic palette.

The new Rainbow and Colour Wave Serpenti watches embodies the glamour and panache of Italian Extravagance, brought to life in vibrant colour. In a collection that could only come from the Roman Jeweller of Time, Bvlgari dresses up its most iconic design, Serpenti, in brilliant gems. The result? The Maison’s high-jewellery watchesare infused with exquisite preciousness, as Bvlgari takes up the mantle as the Master of Coloured Gemstones, for which the brand is internationally renowned. Bvlgari has always loved colour, and coloured gemstones in particular, believing them to have aunique power to bring joy. Now, it applies its artistry with coloured gems to high-jewellery watches, reinventing signature styles in a riot of rainbow-coloured gems, and akaleidoscope of cuts and sizes. The new collection represents the pinnacle of Bvlgari watchmaking and jewellery-making expertise, colliding with audacious Bvlgari style.

Beyond the multi-coloured creations that capture all of Sir Isaac Newton’s hues, dégradétone-on-tone models add re nement with a chic approach that feels both modern andtimeless.