Rhythm is life. Doesn’t breath feel like a constant groove?  And our experiences like a melody in motion? As one loop ends, another life cycle begins. REPEAT. Life is rhythm. 

From child-like curiosity and fearlessness , to synchronized maturity, control and peace of mind, This film illustrates how different rhythm palettes reflect on different phases of life through movement  and how its all inter-connected.

Watch the full video here: youtu.be/eJbGhugW54w

Director & Choreographer – @shaylatukolan
asst. Director –  @larsbohte
Dop & Edit –  @dnzl.mohlmann
Music –  @timwes 
Styling, Wardrobe Design – @lissa.brandon 
Wardrobe Design, Tailor – @silvytenbroeke
Art Director –  @ellagerritsen 
asst. Art Director –  @elin_visser
Hair & Make Up – @yourstruly.christinemarie
asst Hair & Make Up –  @jialibao , @marrrjooo 
Light Installation –  @zalan_szakacs , Bob
Gaffer –  @kennethvanbochove
Poetry –  @j.scoop
asst. Choreographer –  @rosathomford
Chair Art –  @_dae_uk_kim_


@nellaroz @fenuellperez @tyathira
@rocheapinsa @foday.co @timwes@dylankuyper_
@reillyfreemn @breakyaneckk@mariah.careyy
@arnoldarakaza @kenzoalvares@shaylatukolan

Featured song, Channel Tres ft. Tyler the Creator – Fuego

special thanks to: 

@provokeworld @mijo.alles 
@shivawnjoubert_ @prereserved